Two Gang Members Shot. So What?

A terrible tragedy occurred on Saturday. Two people who were just minding their own business were gunned down in a heinous act of violence that has left the nation shaken and asking why. The details are still being uncovered, but what we know is that an armed man approached the victims and gunned them down in cold blood. At least one victim was shot in the head by the malicious perpetrator. It is a national tragedy.

The motives of the shooter are still unclear. But what is clear is that there is a problem on the streets of America when people are able to perform these acts of senseless violence. Today, families are grieving their loss. It is a sad day for America and for the victims: 19 year old James Hunter of Jackson Mississippi and an unnamed second victim who was admitted to the hospital with a life-threatening head wound.


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Raping Boys Spreads Democracy

The following is from John Vibes and ran originally on The AntiMedia website.

According to a number of global mainstream media sources, the Pentagon is covering up a disturbing video that was never made public with the rest of the recent torture report.

According to various well respected journalists, including Seymour Hersh, the appalling video was recorded at Abu Ghraib, the notorious US torture dungeon in Iraq that made headlines roughly a decade ago, when the inhumane tactics being used at the prison were exposed.

Boys spread democracy

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What Gave Bitcoin Its Value?

Those who use the work of Mises to challenge bitcoin should think again.

Written by Jeffrey Tucker.

Many people who have never used bitcoin look at it with confusion. Why does this magic Internet money have any value at all? It’s just some computer thing that someone made up.

Consider the criticism of goldbugs, who have, for decades, pushed the idea that sound money must be backed by something real, hard, and independently valuable.

Bitcoin doesn’t qualify, right?

Maybe it does. Let’s take a closer look.

Bitcoin first emerged as a possible competitor to national, government-managed money nearly six years ago. Satoshi Nakamoto’s white paper was released October 31, 2008. The structure and language of this paper sent the message: This currency is for computer technicians, not economists nor political pundits. The paper’s circulation was limited; novices who read it were mystified.

But the lack of interest didn’t stop history from moving forward. Two months later, those who were paying attention saw the emergence of the “Genesis Block,” the first group of bitcoins generated through Nakamoto’s concept of a distributed ledger that lived on any computer node in the world that wanted to host it.


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Occult History and Nationalistic Folklore

Extracted from Alchemy of the Timeless Renaissance by John G. Vibes

Having an accurate view of history is extremely important in making sense of what’s going on around the world today. Every situation that is taking place today is the result of something that happened in the past, and those past situations are the result of something that happened before that. This may seem very simple, but among the politicians and the general public there is no respect for the great lessons of history.

If there was a proper respect for the lessons that history has taught us, then most people’s opinions about global events would change drastically. Without a clear picture of how we got here, it is completely impossible to figure out how to get to where we need to be, which is why everyone is so confused about the state of the world. Think back to our discussion on pragmatism while reading these next two chapters. It is extremely relevant because pragmatism basically insists that history and causation have no value whatsoever.


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The Obviousness of Anarchy: Conclusion

by John Hasnas, Associate Professor, Georgetown University, J.D., Ph.D, LL.M.

Continued from The Obviousness of Anarchy: Public Goods

Aristotle called man the rational animal, identifying human beings’ ability to reason as their essential defining characteristic. I think this is a mistake. I think man is the imaginative animal. Human beings undoubtedly have the ability to reason, but they also have the ability to imagine that the world is different than it is, and the latter is a far more powerful force.

People root for the Chicago Cubs because they can imagine the Cubs winning the World Series, despite all evidence to the contrary. People regularly get married because they can imagine that they will change their obviously incompatible partner into the ideal husband or wife. People devote their time, effort, and money to political campaigns because they can imagine that if only Bill Clinton or Bob Dole or George W. Bush or John Kerry were elected, Washington, DC would be transformed into Camelot. And more significantly, people volunteer to fight wars because they can imagine themselves running through a field of machine gun fire unscathed. Only the ability to imagine an afterlife for which they have absolutely no evidence can explain why human beings would strap explosives to themselves and blow themselves up in an effort to kill as many innocent people as possible.

rules not rulers

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