Update from Ferguson – 31 August 2014

Written by Barney Cox

Yesterday a pretty large protest started at about 10:00 am here in Ferguson. The Brown family was a part of it, and they were guarded by several members of what I assume was The Nation of Islam. 

That’s not a good sign to me, but at the same time it doesn’t really mean very much. I don’t know that I would refuse free security myself.

The marchers moved from West Florissant to the scene of the shooting, and a few people spoke. The marchers then headed to a park where there was a stage and music and some other facilities apparently provided by the city.

The hardcore protesters continued on to the Ferguson Police Station, where they were met by at first a few and then dozens of cops who formed a line in the parking lot of the station. I am not sure why this was necessary as there really hasn’t been any violence directed at what is essentially a bunker.


The cops stood, mostly unflinching in the heat. Most didn’t respond to heckling protesters, but a couple engaged a little bit. The black cops got the worst of it, as I heard them called “uncle toms” and “house niggers.” But that wasn’t everyone’s attitude.

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Louis Barthas was a socialist who was conscripted into the French Army at the outbreak of WW1. He wrote the following in his diary at the Somme after the battlefield was flooded in December 1916:


But one night the rain came down in torrents and the tide invaded our dugout and cascaded down both sets of steps. At the height of the storm some of the men had to devote all of their efforts to building a dam which the water then broke through in three or four places. We spent the rest of the night battling the flood waters.

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My Visit to the 2nd Annual Midwest Peace and Liberty Fest

Written by Larry Ludlow

This story bears a resemblance to the truth. I promise nothing more. Maybe it’s an allegory of truth. Low-calorie truth? Wanna-be truth? Borderline truthiness? You decide.

All week I had put in extra hours at work so I could leave early to arrive in time to deliver my presentation, Libertarian Themes in the Seven Deadly Sins of Dante’s Divine Comedy, which was scheduled for 4:00 p.m. But in Indiana, I was sidelined by a colossal traffic jam on the crumbling public roads (who will build them? Meh…). Meanwhile, my bladder was filling up as a result of the unexpected delay. I roast my own coffee (in a popcorn popper), and I had titrated up for a quick drive. I like to speed a bit, and caffeine helps my concentration. The upshot was I had to pee.


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SEK III’s “Revolution: Our Strategy”

Written by Samuel Edward Konkin III

Our condition has been analyzed, our goal perceived, the mechanism has been spelled out and a set of pathways have been mapped out. Should we simply go counter-economic ourselves, educate ourselves in libertarianism and inform others by word and deed, we shall reach our libertarian society. Indeed, this is sufficient for most people and enough to be expected. No New Libertarian should ever berate libertarian counter-economists for not doing more. they are agorists and will get there in their own time.


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