From a question to our Facebook page timeline. Response by Phillip Corbin.

So if you really want no government over you, what would stop a foreign Nation from invading your land? How would you organize a military large enough to protect America?

This is a good question. Let’s begin by looking at a few other countries.

The following is a list of countries that either have either: no military and no defense contracts, no military with defense services contracted out, or only a small paramilitary police force (small arms only which would stand no chance against an invasion):

Costa Rica, Liechtenstein, Andorra, Grenada, Nauru, Palau, Solomon Islands, Kiribati, Marshall Islands, Samoa, Tuvalu, Vatican City, Saint Lucia, Haiti, Mauritius, Monaco, Panama, and Vanuatu.

Obviously, these countries have fared quite well without a military. So, let’s try to find some reasons for their success.

I believe that there are three major causes for invasion.: 1. To take over a country’s tax structure. 2. To grab land. 3. Because they invaded you first.

These listed countries don’t need to worry about reason #3. Without aggressive foreign policies, there is no reason for other countries to hate them and invade them out of self-defense (often called terrorism).

Wars fought over land grabs are really a relic of the last century and we don’t need to worry about them too much in this era.

And if we had a stateless society there would be no tax structure to take over and therefore little economic incentive to invade. It’s important to remember that wars are really expensive to wage, the general principle is that if you occupy a country with the intent to tax it then you can only devote 1 occupier per 100 residents to remain profitable. The US is large enough and populous enough to be extremely difficult to occupy.

And, as a last resort, a society can contract a mercenary group to assassinate the leaders of any invading force. That should serve as an inexpensive and relatively stout deterrent.

So, I think that a military-less society should be viable because other countries have already proven it to be so.

It can be very difficult to separate our exposure to the US’s aggressive military policies from our understanding of the operation of militaries in other countries. It’s important to remember that the US can only sustain its current military presence because of its status having the world’s reserve currency.

It worked the same way for Britain back when the BPS was the reserve currency which enabled them to maintain their empire. Without holding this world reserve currency status any other military would not be able to wage wars with the frequency the US does so it’s important to remember this difference when accessing the threat of another country to us.

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