In addition to original or submitted content, The Art of Not Being Governed aggregates content from publicly available RSS feeds across the web. If you see your content here, it is because we reasonably assumed you wanted your content syndicated, that’s kinda the whole point of RSS.

If we can in any way be more accommodating in how we syndicate your content, please let us know. This site is here to promote ideas like yours, and we want to be respectful.

If you’re just technologically incompetent, and didn’t realize you were making your content publicly available for syndication, or for some other reason don’t want us giving you the extra exposure, please let us know through the contact form below. We will require some proof that you are the State recognized owner of this fictional threat of violence known as intellectual property, but once that is established, we’ll probably remove your content.

Then we’ll do everything in our power to ruin your reputation. Intellectual property is a State fiction, a threat of force against human beings and scarce resources in the name of preventing the spread of ideas. It’s not a libertarian concept, and if you would pursue legal action against us, you shouldn’t be here anyway, because you’re not a libertarian.

Comments or questions are welcome.

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