mass murderers

Written by P.A.

The vast majority of people from all walks of life understand murder is wrong. Mass murder especially so. Yet, for reasons that are not clear to this vast majority, they justify many murders as not only necessary, but moral. In order to do so, they don’t call it murder, of course. For if they did, they would have to reconcile the evils committed in their name with a society they hold up as good and righteous.

There is an incredible amount of cognitive dissonance in societies, especially the USA. Inconsistencies in thinking that are so pervasive as to be accepted without question. This is necessary for the systems of control to work, and work they do. Not only are these inconsistent and contradictory thoughts pervasive, they are manufactured for the masses at the highest levels of power.

Mass Repetition

They say everything changed on 9/11. In many ways it did. But in many ways, nothing changed at all. History repeats. Over and over again. Many heinous attacks have occurred throughout history. The worst of them have been optional, avoidable wars waged in the name of peace and freedom. And so it went that day. An attack, the exact nature of which is still admittedly withheld by the US Government; for within their own report, they have kept secret 28 pages you are not allowed to read. Those pages, as it turns out, have caused the few who have been allowed to read them to look at that day from an entirely new, and disturbing perspective. Most people have no idea about these pages, and for good reason regardless of what you believe happened on that day.

Mass Deception

Polls show that for reasons I’ve alluded to above, US citizens believe Iraq played a part in 9/11. Of course, this is 100% untrue and not even a single politician (of all people) will say otherwise. Yet so many still believe it. Why? Because in order to justify the incredible atrocity heaped upon the people of Iraq by the US military, people in this country must believe the reasons were sound and good and right. They were not.

It was mass murder on an epic scale. Thousands upon thousands of innocent people died in that invasion. An invasion sold to the US public as necessary for our survival; as if Iraq was capable of waging war and defeating the US on its own soil. As if the US military wouldn’t wipe them off the face of the earth here at home just as they did there, then nuke them into history if need be. As if Iraq could somehow magically transport its flimsy army across an expansive sea and invade us. It’s asinine to the point of insanity. Yet people bought it…and still do.

It is believed those 28 pages keep from you the extensive role played in 9/11 by our ally, Saudi Arabia. If the public was aware of the role played by the Saudis, as indicated in their own report, the Saudis would be the ones who were bombed, not Iraq or Afghanistan. But bombing Saudi Arabia was unacceptable to the mass murderers in power at the time. It was not part of their plan…and still isn’t.

Mass Hypocrisy

The pretense to go to war by nations is much debated and often misunderstood by the public. Vietnam was another atrocity of even more epic proportions committed against a country that had zero ability to wage war against the US. Yet we did it anyway, largely escalated on false grounds (see Gulf of Tonkin incident). And people continue to justify and rationalize it for generations after, while hundreds of victims still die each year from unexploded bombs left behind. And here we are working side by side with communist China as our second largest trading partner and holder of more of our debt than any other nation to the tune of 1.2 trillion dollars. Approximately 3 million human beings died during that war, but somehow the fight against communism was good and right and necessary. Keep telling yourself that. You need to.

Mass Confusion

In recent years, the US public has slowly been lead to believe that pre-emptive (totally unnecessary) war is now somehow justifiable when much of our history shows (and rightfully so) such actions are incredibly immoral and destructive on many levels. But not anymore. We have become normalized to the idea that invading another country is actually good and necessary to our survival, for even the most flimsy of excuses. The blatantly brazen attempt to attack Syria was amazingly rejected by the public despite a very hard-sell by the President. That didn’t matter though. Soon after you were sold another bill of goods that gave him the backdoor into that country. That an extremely small and insignificant group of psychopaths who have existed in the Middle East for eons have gained some power as a result of our own actions in Iraq is somehow capable of invading and destroying our country is beyond the pale of any sense of rational thought. Yet here we are, a nation worked up into a frenzy of fear yet again, allowing our military to do whatever the hell they want to stem the looming threat from pathetic little ISIS.

It is no more justifiable on moral grounds to continue our war games in the Middle East than the whims of a lone gunman whose demented mind finds justification for his heinous acts of violence in North Carolina. And it is this mass hypnosis of human beings that brings about incredible amounts of cognitive dissonance that inevitably finds its way to the surface in the form of random acts of societal violence that we see on TV on a regular basis. This is not new. Sick societies breed sick people. The sickest of all we call President. Sure, we are tamed to a degree as a people by watching TV, especially competition in sports and politics. This is critical for it is an outlet, a way to let off steam so that we remain productive in our work in order to keep the machine going.

Answers to such acts of societal violence like mass shootings are quickly posited but one cannot find an answer until the question is fully understood. Stopping a person from committing acts of violence with certain weapons is the answer for many. Gun control they say. But what of the thought process that lead the person to act so horribly? Mental illness they say. But what of the reason for this mental illness? What is the root cause that makes people act in such vicious ways?

Mass Denial

All politicians and presidents are liars. The current one is no different. He orders thousands of drone strikes on human beings he insists are worthy of execution and we believe him. Yet we live in a country that holds up due process of law as a critical human right. But because those targets, who are suspected of crimes were born elsewhere, they are not worthy of such due process. They deserve death at the whim of clandestine intelligence that has been shown to make incredibly grave mistakes (or were they?) and we buy it fully and completely.

But that’s not the half of it. Thousands that surround targeted individuals are also murdered. Women and children. Make no mistake about. It is an absolute fact this president (and others) has ordered many bombings that have murdered innocent people. Collateral damage you say? For the greater good you say? I say prove it. But you can’t. And he can’t because it’s not true. It’s a lie repeated generation after generation. And we swallow it. We need it. We love it. We call it freedom and those who commit such acts brave. But if we call it what it truly is, we will not be able to live with ourselves. We will begin to question everything we hold dear. We will see that all those deaths are not justifiable and those who died for our country did so in vain. To say this is a hard pill to swallow is an understatement. In fact, many would just as soon murder me than accept the truth of our heinous actions abroad.

In the end, we cannot reconcile the differences between peoples until we recognize our own biases, which is why those in power use divide-and-conquer as the main strategy in pitting peoples against each other. Race. Gender. Class. Politics. Age. Even geography. But looking deep into the mirror is one of the most difficult things for humans to do. For as long as a society justifies its misdeeds, so too will it produce individuals who become so broken by the shear volume of lies and deceit that they lash out, often in horrifically violent ways.

We are a nation over 300 million largely confused, uneducated, ignorant fools who think they are a great and exceptional people. Cognitive dissonance and Stockholm syndrome on a mass scale. And for as long as we look to politicians trained in the art of over-promising and under-delivering (AKA lying), we will continue so suffer the consequences of our actions. We produce mass murders here at home because in a very profound and painful way we are a nation built by mass murders, slave traders, elitists and sociopaths. And that is a truth too painful for the average person to bear.

Mass Awakening

We are a world filled with individual human beings comprised of almost 200 controlling, violent, manipulative countries. Each one has in common a critical component that to this very day very few are aware of and even fewer understand; that a nation – a government – is by its very definition a small group of people who claim a monopoly on the legitimate use of force within those borders. This is known as the monopoly-on-violence.

The majority of the people in any country rationalize this claim on power for the betterment of the “greater good.” Be it rationalization in the form of what I described in this essay or rationalization like they do in North Korea or Russia or China. It doesn’t matter where you go, the rationalization of human control exists…the monopoly on violence to force you to give up what you earn to fund programs we are told over and over again are necessary for our survival. But are they? Or is it rather the very catalyst of our own demise? It’s clear to me the latter is true. We are governing ourselves into extinction.

When we as human beings begin to recognize that no one individual has a right to rule over another individual, we will come to the inescapable conclusion that the initiation of force by the state or another person – indeed in all its forms – is never legitimate or justifiable. That taxation is theft. That government controls are threats of violence. That laws of any kind (other than natural laws such as murder, theft, coercion, fraud) are nothing but opinions backed by force. Traffic tickets, drug laws, prostitution, nudity, curfews, and on and on times a million… they all equal one thing: Obey or else. This is not truth or justice. It is barbarism. It is brute force with fancy uniforms, superstitious court rooms and so-called wise people in robes issuing dictates at the point of a gun.

So it begins with you, and especially our children who are the most vulnerable among us. It begins with our very own body. No one can claim a right to it or what it produces for you control yourself and own the fruits of your labor. You are a government of one. And if you do not infringe upon another, you have a natural and uncompromising right to do as you choose. “Inalienable” as the Declaration of Independence says but does not guarantee for it is just a piece of paper. That institution which initiates force is never, and will never be the foundation of a righteous and just society. When this is finally understood by a large enough group of people, we will begin to shed the horrific and barbaric belief in the contradiction known as government and begin to value each individual’s right to be truly free.


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