The following post is by guest-author Doug Voluntaryist.

You may have taken up the noble mantle of education, and for that I applaud you, but that does not mean I ever asked you to. Nor does that mean I owe you anything for it. It is a service that is given away for free by the government. It’s like welfare, or public roads. People rarely appreciate anything for free. Ever heard of the Tragedy of the Commons?


You cannot prove anyone ever consented to any service offered by government. Call me whatever you like, selfish, compassion-less, greedy, or whatever, but I have not seen any proof of the existence of the so-called “social contract.” Without a some sort of contract or consent, taxation amounts to theft – it is nothing more than legalized extortion. I am questioning the fundamental assumption that government is derived from the consent of the people. I have seen absolutely no proof of this, either.

Listen to your tone. I owe people like you “everything?” Like I would not have gotten an education were it not for government run schools? I challenge that notion. I think if it had not been for government, we’d have *better* education today. More decentralized, less institutionalized, via media like the Internet.

Education is a privilege, not a right, just as all services are. Treating it as a right, that one man must pay for another’s education, has devalued it. It has set people against each other, trying to grab up the money and the power so they can make the school system conform to their vision, centralizing power. And the fight goes on and on.  It is also a form of slavery to force one man to fund another man’s endeavors. Not to mention, that forcing children to attend school is also a form of slavery.

This is the story of government in general. I’m sorry if I don’t have sympathy for public workers, who I am not saying don’t work hard, and perhaps do deserve appreciation for their efforts, but you should have taken a good hard look at the sort of people your bosses are – politicians. Everything they do is backed up by force. Every statute and code has a gun under all the paperwork.

Before you bristle in defense and self-righteousness, I have one question for you – should a good or service be offered over a barrel of a gun? Is it compassionate to throw someone in jail because they don’t want to pay for a service they never asked for? It is right to threaten people to pay for a service they have no say in except for a “vote”? Personally, I don’t think so. And who are you or anyone else to decide what is best for me?


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