I don’t hate soldiers; I don’t hate you. I don’t condemn you. You seek the things we all seek, love the things we all love. You want to live, pay bills, take care of your family and protect freedom. I respect this. I too hold these things dear.

Nothing means more…

But you have to realize that being a soldier is not about protecting freedom or defending those too weak to defend themselves. Being a soldier is about killing and dying for those in power: it means following politicians into conflicts they started. It means hurting people and justifying it as “just following orders.” You have to realize this so that you may end your service, and institute Memorial Day as a day to commemorate life, and not a day to celebrate the procession of pointless wars and senseless deaths. You have to see this so that you can recognize freedom and fight against all those who seek to erode it. You have to see this so that you don’t have to feed your family with money dipped in pools of blood and hate. You have to see this so that you can awaken to truth: that although Obama comes to visit you overseas, he does not give a shit about whether you live or die. Don’t be a tool. Don’t be a martyr for insanity. Come home. Many care about you. I don’t want to see you bathe in this fountain of destruction. I don’t want you to shun peace and freedom. I don’t want your life and dignity to surrender itself to these ungodly, horrendously inhumane acts of terror.

I know you believed you were doing the right thing, but you have been led astray by a poisonous culture, and a charismatic recruiter played on your adventurous spirit. You were tricked into signing up. You felt you had to amount to something, be recognized as a hero and savior, be worshiped by the masses, with all those stars and stripes waving in your honor. But now you have the chance to review your life, realize you were lied to, duped, all those stars and stripes a front for murder and mayhem. Sure, you get to experience the adrenaline rush of traveling, shooting, wearing a uniform and getting sex — but the heroism and praise and lust surrounding you are as empty as all the ghosts of the people slaughtered in all the wars before. It’s a show, a consequence of the tribal mentality. People cheer you because they listen to propaganda, and because they believe in a common enemy, an enemy manufactured by the politicians who command you. Don’t fall for this. Don’t let the soldier life seduce and manipulate you. You are stronger than that, better than that; and I love you. I care about you because I don’t want to see your life wasted due to the afterthought of a power hungry group of psychopaths. Don’t fall for it. The wars are not wars against a real enemy. The wars are acts of attrition from warlords toward other warlords, who use you as their pawns. You must see this and escape to truth. Stop “following orders.” Tear away your blinders, forever.

This is how I support the soldiers; this is how I support you. This is how I let you know that I have your back. I want you home. I want you to get away from all the tyrannical brutality. I want your rifles pointed downward — or toward real enemies, not families and children and pissed off rebels. This is genuine love. Don’t follow false love: where sycophants want you to die by offering you up as a sacrifice to politicians, politicians who don’t care what happens to you. So stop. Stop the madness. End the bloodshed and chaos. Come home, forever.


An Anarchist who Loves the Human Race and Does Not Condemn Soldiers.

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