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Fox News Host Eric Bolling claimed in a recent interview that he was an “Anarcho-Capitalist”, showing that he has either went through a rapid transformation, or that he isn’t exactly sure what Anarcho-Capitalism is. Unfortunately, considering that Mr. Bolling was making pro-war comments in the media just this week, it seems that it may be more of the latter than the former.

During the interview, Bolling was talking about Anarcho-Capitalism in terms of economics, and it very well may be true that he believes in a non-interventionist policy when it comes to economics. However, Anarcho-Capitalism goes much further than economics, it is a universal concept that applies a non-interventionist mindset to every single issue, especially things like war and police.

In the interview, Bolling said “Let’s talk about the difference between socialism and capitalism, OK? You may not like the extent to which we are capitalists. We may be overly capitalists, anarcho-capitalist. I know I am. I’m proud of it. That’s why I wore this today. Difference is profit motive. The profit motive makes you work harder. The profit motive makes you risk your own capital and labor. And the profit motive enables you to innovate and come up with new ideas that will help end up creating profits for yourself.”

It is great that he showed a very basic understanding of market theory and the ills of socialism, however, it seems that Bolling is in favor of government spending when it comes to issues like foreign policy. Just this week on FOX news he spoke in favor of war in the middle east, challenging Muslims and saying that “You want a holy war? We’ll give you one. It just may be time to unleash hell on radical Islam. Don’t worry, Islamic jihadists, your 72 virgins await.

That really doesn’t sound like someone who truly understands liberty and the non-aggression principle, as Anarcho-Capitalists do. It would be interesting to see how Bolling reconciles his belief in Anarcho-Capitalism with his belief in the validity of a “holy war”.


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