Written by Winter Trabex

Today on facebook, I stumbled across a post which read something like “Trans-inclusive bank.” The post was a link to an article describing a bank that was friendly to transgender people. For a moment, I had trouble seeing the point of it all. Why does anyone actually need to say that a bank is trans friendly? Any bank who turns a customer away with money in hand is a bank that is probably on the take from Uncle Sam, or ready to be bought up.


Then I remembered: not everyone uses or knows about bitcoin. What I had intuitively understood about the currency (for bitcoin is a currency) seems to be mentioned nowhere else. So I will mention here that bitcoin is the must inclusive, pro-equality currency that has ever existed. There are a handful of reasons- I suspect I’m only scratching the surface here.

-Bitcoin does not care if you are gay.

-Bitcoin does not care what country you are from.

-Bitcoin does not care if you have had an abortion.

-Bitcoin does not care if you have breasts and a penis, or if you are a man with a vagina.

-Bitcoin does not care if you twerk at nightclubs or travel the world as an exotic dancer.

-Bitcoin does not care if you are a drug dealer.

-Bitcoin does not care if you are a convicted felon.

-Bitcoin does not care how you worship, or if you worship.

-Bitcoin does not care if you are unemployed.

-Bitcoin does not care if you are on food stamps, or have been declared incompetent by any of the world’s governments.

-Bitcoin does not care if you are homeless or have five mansions.

-Bitcoin does not care if you are black, Asian, an Inuit, a Mexican, or someone from the Isle of Fiji.

In other words, bitcoin is the only currency in existence that treats everyone absolutely the same. In having no regard for people at all, it shows what governments (and some banks) all across the world have failed to show: that one person who has money is not much different from another person who has money. Indeed, anyone who wishes to realize the dream of utopian equality must cast off the traditional systems of governance and currency while moving towards a system that is anonymous, and therefore capable of being used by anyone.

One of bitcoin’s virtues lays in the fact that, quite often, no government ID is required to use it. An internet connection and a password are usually good enough. This means that anyone can use it. Or, put another way, no one is restricted from using it upon any basis whatsoever. Bitcoin is not racist, homophobic, transphobic, xenophobic or elitist. It has no personal preferences whatsoever.

While Martin Luther King Jr. wanted a world in which his children could be judged by the content of their character, bitcoin has gone one step further: if his children decide to use the cryptocurrency, they won’t be judged at all.


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