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If 90% of the population of the United States held a vote (which is FAR more representative of a majority of “the people” than the approximate 50% ACTUAL voter turnout) and 87% of those voters (that is, 78.3% of the total population) voted that you, <insert your name here>, must give away 100% of your property, dividing it among the entire population in the form of services and infrastructure within their communities, what would be wrong with that? In this scenario, a 100% tax on your property IS the will of the majority, is it not? So why shouldn’t you respect the will of the majority? After-all, if you don’t like it, you can always leave, right?

Is the above scenario reasonable, or is the 100% tax on your property just a very popular form of theft?


If you would take issue with the above scenario and if you believe that a 100% tax on your property is theft, then at what percent is taxation NOT considered theft? This is a very interesting question because it requires the reader to consider whether or not voting can turn an immoral action (such as theft) into a moral one.

There are many individuals that have come to the conclusion that voting cannot change morality and that voting is a clear violation of basic human rights and dignity. As a result, many of those individuals opt not to vote. This is a choice they make that is based on principle, NOT apathy.

In principle, reality is no different than the above. In practice (and FAR more often than not), it is politicians, NOT “the majority of voters”, who vote on “laws”. In reality, instead of calling the actions voted on by their proper names (such as theft, assault, kidnapping and mass-murder), the politicians use more ambiguous and deceptive terms to describe those actions (such as “taxation”, “redistribution”, “regulation, “law enforcement”, “war” etc…).

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