Extracted from Alchemy of the Timeless Renaissance by John G. Vibes

The war in the Middle East between Israel and Palestine is by far one of the most serious issues of our time, it is also one of the most controversial and misunderstood. Most any place on earth has a history of conflict, and the Middle East is no different.

There were many crusades fought in those areas mainly carried out by invading European Christians in the name of religion, but for the sake of empire. Prior to World War 2, Jewish and Muslim people lived in relative peace in the territory which is now Israel, at the time it was just known as Syria. These were all remnants of the once unified Ottoman Empire that was divided and split apart by British imperialism. Most of the people that lived in Syria at this time were of Arab descent, but there was also a much smaller portion of society who was Jewish. Regardless of this discrepancy there was very little hostility among the different religions until British influence and western intervention brought a whole new dynamic to the situation.


The state of Israel developed during a very important time in world history, between the first and second world wars. The end of the First World War brought with it the League of Nations who rewrote borders and territory lines all over the world. The League of Nations was an organization that was proposed by the international banking interests that funded and instigated the war. This institution was designed so the ruling class could have more control over world events. Many of the policies established by the League of Nations after the First World War were specifically designed to cause future conflict in Europe. For example, the harsh penalties enacted on the German people caused years of economic turmoil that eventually left them vulnerable enough to be exploited by the tyrant Adolph Hitler. The aristocracy planned to profit off of future wars by selling weapons, making loans and expanding their world dominance using the puppet regimes that they had in place in the British and United States governments. The territory lines and policies set up after World War 1 in Europe established the conditions that would eventually lead to World War 2, and perhaps even World War 3.

When the Second World War became even more profitable than the first, the ruling class decided to once again set a pretense for future wars. Once again they used the League of Nations which at this point had changed its name to the United Nations, to escalate hostilities in areas they wished to dominate. This is how the great rivalry between communism and capitalism, and the resulting cold war developed. The cold war resulted in a massive arms race that sold a lot of weapons for the ruling class and it allowed them to further divide the most powerful nations, in turn making them easier to influence and take control of. This also gave them an excuse to use military action on self-sustaining rebel nations that were not compliant with western policies.

One of the main areas that they wished to instigate trouble in was the Middle East, due to its abundance in oil, a natural resource that became extremely important on the global stage during the First World War.

Through diplomatic maneuvers following World War 2, the Rothschilds and the rest of the western oligarchy were able to establish an avenue for their future conquest in the region.

There was a massive Jewish refugee population in the years following the holocaust and the ruling class has very little sympathy for people in these kinds of situations. Refugees of any creed, color or nationality are treated by all governments as if they were lepers, and despite the hardships that the strong Jewish people had just been put through, they were seen as nothing more than a “problem” to the United Nations. At the same time another “problem” being discussed behind the scenes at the UN was how to maintain a stronghold in the oil rich Middle East. The western powers were having a difficult time exploiting the predominantly Arab region, and many “leaders” in the area were also being “uncooperative” with western companies who sought to move in and plunder the regions natural resources.

Nothing makes the aristocracy happier than “solving” two or more of their “problems” at the same time, in a single action. The creation of the state of Israel did just that. Seeing that Jewish people had a biblical connection to the area, the UN claimed that their motivation was to establish a Jewish homeland. However, what they actually did was set up an imperial colonial government that they would control politically and economically. Think back to the chapter on eugenics, where Francis Galton wrote an article in the newspaper suggesting that Chinese people be imported to Africa, so that they could essentially be used as pawns to establish a colony, this is very much the same concept.

Sure, a great number of Jewish people do live in Israel but they do not have control of their government, economy or their military, but are in fact oppressed and manipulated by all of those institutions. The aristocracy in Great Brittan has more control over Israel’s domestic and foreign policy then the people actually living everyday lives inside the country, the same goes for people living in America as well. The British elite have much more say in major American policies than the taxpayers and voters inside the country do.

The creation of the state of Israel is extremely similar to the creation of both Australia and the United States. In each case, the aristocracy within Great Britain wanted to set up a colony in a faraway land where there was already an established native civilization. In every single case they did not launch a military invasion but simply sent exiles, refuges and prisoners of war to live in the area and establish a stronghold. Of course the prisoners were always told they were being sent to a promised land or paradise, but in reality they were being used much like pawns are used in a game of chess. They are sent to the frontlines of the area that the elite wish to conquer, and they fend for themselves until a workable civilization is established. At that point, the civilization is exploited and overtaken by the colonial powers that sent the refugees there to begin with. Although things are somewhat different in America because of the revolutionary war, Great Britain still has a lot of control over our economy and our political system as well. This same situation is taking place, but to an even greater degree in both Australia and Israel.


When the state of Israel was created in 1948, anyone that happened to be living within the borders drawn by the United Nations, who was of Arab or Palestinian descent was forcibly expelled from their homes. This is not slander or speculation, this actually happened, and it created the world’s largest refugee population. 6 Million People were forced into exile, in different parts of the world because of their heritage. Since then these refugees have lived in camps or in the ghettos of Palestine because they are not permitted to buy or sell property and are banned from employment. This goes for refugees inside Palestinian territory, the West Bank, the Gaza strip, Lebanon and other parts of the Middle East. They are given no chance of obtaining citizenship and are denied many of their basic human rights. A young Palestinian by the name of Ali Abdul Bari runs a peaceful activist organization called Esha. In an interview with the independent press he said “The media talk about Gaza as a centre of starvation, but that’s not true. What we are lacking is our freedom: We have a sea, but we can’t use it. We have air, but we aren’t allowed to build an airport. We want to be able to depend on ourselves.” [1] This is the true sentiment of the Palestinian people, not the crazed rhetoric of the areas so called “leaders”.

The people of Israel have a nationalistic militant government that doesn’t represent their will, while on the other end, the people of Palestine also have a nationalistic militant government that doesn’t represent their will. The so called “leaders” of the Palestinian territories are Hamas and Fatah, they are two militant Islamic factions that in no way represent the people of Palestine. They are at war with each other, at war with Israel and at war with the people of Palestine as well, their regimes are a massive barrier in the peace process. They refuse to negotiate with each other and refuse to take place in any peace processes, as ceremonial as they may be. They openly spit hateful rhetoric that gets people on both sides fired up, and escalates the tension in the region. Israeli people begin to hate Palestinian people for things that their government did or said and vice versa. Hamas often calls for the complete destruction of the state of Israel and exile of the current Jewish population. This is obviously a bad idea and would simply compound the region’s problems by creating yet another human rights crisis and refugee population. This political stance also ensures an ongoing conflict, because if both sides will not quit or negotiate until the other is destroyed, then conflict could go on forever.

To understand how Hamas and Fatah really work and who they serve, one must ask themselves a few questions. How did they get so powerful if they don’t have popular support? Where did they get their weapons and resources from in a poverty stricken area like Palestine? Most of all, who benefits from them being in power? The answer to all of these questions is short and simple, The UK, the United States and Israel, or more appropriately the MI6, CIA and the Mossad. Remember, secret service organizations operate together across borders, many times without the knowledge of the governments that they apparently work for. In June of 2008 the Prime Minister of Israel Ehud Olmert admitted that Israel’s secret service Mossad transferred millions of dollars to the Hamas government every single month for years. The same people that are being condemned in public by the west and Israel as being terrorists are receiving millions of dollars for weapons from these very governments. This allows the conflict to escalate and serves the elite at the expense of the average people in every country.

In spite of Hamas’ refusal to negotiate, there has still been a very one sided and controlled “peace process” of negotiations that have taken place between the Zionist government in Israel and another Political group called the “Palestinian Liberation Organization“. The Palestinian Liberation Organization claims to represent the Palestinian people, but of course just like Hamas and Fatah, they do not. The details of the peace conferences were hazy in the media for years, until 2011 when 1,700 declassified diplomatic cables were released through two different international media outlets, The UK’s “Guardian” and the Arabic “Aljazeera“. These cables showed detailed exchanges between the Zionist regime and Palestinian Liberation Organization that were hidden from the whole world.

The files showed that a whole decades worth of behind the scenes negotiations took place between representatives on behalf of both nations (With the US as a strong 3rd party of course). The problem with the content of these negotiations is that both the PLO and the Zionist government were both making decisions that were in direct opposition of their nation’s public interest. The Zionist “leaders” of Israel refused to accept various peace offers suggested by the PLO that the people of Israel would have had no problems coming to terms with. The reason why these terms weren’t accepted is because the war with the Palestinians provides the Zionist Government a pretense for constant militarization and homeland police state. This is the same tactic used by the American Government in their ongoing “war on terror”, a constant war state is perpetuated and drawn out by the establishment to ensure the central government more power. On the other end, tyrants of the Arab world take advantage of this crisis to impose the same kind of wartime mentality on their people. The global elite also stand to make a lot of money in both the war on terror and the Zionist war in Palestine, through their arms dealers, oil companies and other multinational corporations.

So the western governments and corporations, the Zionist elite in Israel, and the elites of the Arab world are all benefiting politically and financially from the continuation of this horrible conflict in the Middle East. This is exactly why the aforementioned parties just can’t seem to come to terms and bring an end to this bloodbath. In every major war it is the common people of each nation who are the biggest victims and the elite of those same nations who reap all the benefits and use the lives of their citizens as bargaining chips behind closed doors. The Palestine papers resulted in the resignation of Saeb Erekat, chief negotiator for the PLO. The leaked documents proved that he was willing to abandon millions of refugees and showed no consideration for the needs of the people he was apparently representing. This is the typical nature of the relationship between politician and citizen throughout most of history.

It is also important to mention that the creation of Israel was not an issue that was brought forth by the Jewish refugees, but was championed by the ruling class of the United Kingdom through the United Nations. Although the state of Israel was created after World War 2, the push for Zionism and a Jewish homeland in Palestine began on the record in 1917, when the “Balfour Declaration” was printed. This declaration was not something that developed in parliament or among the Jewish people, but it was actually a letter between British aristocrat Lord Arthur Balfour and Lord Lionel Walter Rothschild. Some researchers even believe that it was the work of Rothschild himself, but either way, Lord Balfour is quite easily linked as a close associate of the Rothschild dynasty, which strongly implicates their involvement. Rothschild was the representative of the “English Federation of Zionists”. This was the same group of people that would fund Hitler’s rise to power and ignore the genocide of the Jewish people who they claimed to be so concerned about.

In the western media and Israeli schools, people are taught that the state of Israel was created specifically so there could be a Jewish homeland in the Middle East. The United Nations apparently did that out of the kindness of their heart for the Jewish people. I highly doubt that there were not any ulterior motives on the part of the western aristocrats that initiated the creation of Israel. The United Nations was simply carrying out policies that they already wished to establish by exploiting the crisis that the Jewish refugees were facing. In other words, the creation of a Jewish homeland was only one side effect of the western powers establishing their base in the Middle East, a side effect that they used to their advantage as a public relations tool.

The people who are truly behind Zionism are not Jewish nationalists, they are elitist globalists who use nationalism and religion as a political tool to cultivate support for their non-ethnic imperial agenda. The Rothschilds may claim to be of Jewish descent but they are only “Jewish” in the same way that George Bush is “Christian”, it is just a part of their public image that is in place so the common people can relate to them. Along with apparently being Jewish, the Rothschilds are also prominent Catholics and they basically run the treasury department at the Vatican. They play every possible side they can to gain as much control as possible and to more or less buy anyone who might stand in their way.


In reality, the global elite and their puppets are the ones calling the shots in the US, Israel and the UK. These people are not Catholics, Christians or Jews but they are in fact practicing Satanists. I know it might sound a little bit farfetched at first to think that the most powerful people in the world are Satanists, but if you do some research into what Satanism is all about it makes a whole lot of sense. The modern satanic religion actually has nothing to do with “devil worship”, as described by Anton Lavey, author of the satanic bible. Modern Satanism is rooted in hedonism, self-indulgence and attention to very primal human triggers, which perfectly describes the kind of lifestyles that are led by members of the ruling class, and the societies they create share these same values as well. Think about it! War, domination, destruction, exploitation, taxation, mind control, manipulation and deception. Do those sound like the ideals of a Christian, a Catholic, a Jew or a Satanist? I think the answer should be obvious. Actions speak louder than words, especially when those words are coming from a group of people that have a consistent record of violence and pathological lying.

As I explained earlier, The Rothschilds were one of the primary sponsors of the Third Reich in Germany. Without their loans and oil companies, Hitler would have never been able to turn the Weimar republic into a threatening military superpower in such a short amount of time. The Rothschilds were not the only prominent family to claim Jewish heritage yet betray the Jewish population of Europe during Hitler’s genocide. George Soros, the billionaire globalist who has been responsible for crashing markets all over the world admits himself that “his character was made” when he was working for the Nazis as a teenager, snitching on other Jewish families so they could be robbed by the thuggish regime and sent off to concentration camps.

On December 20, 1998 during an interview with Steve Kroft on “60 Minutes” Soros admitted that he worked for the Nazis in this fashion. When asked in the interview if he had any sense of guilt he replied “Well, of course I c–I could be on the other side or I could be the one from whom the thing is being taken away. But there was no sense that I shouldn’t be there, because that was–well, actually, in a funny way, it’s just like in markets–that if I weren’t there–of course, I wasn’t doing it, but somebody else would–would–would be taking it away anyhow. And it was the–whether I was there or not, I was only a spectator, the property was being taken away. So the–I had no role in taking away that property. So I had no sense of guilt.” [2]

So when the aristocracy and so called “leaders” claim to be a part of some ethnic, religious or social group remember to pay attention to their actions instead of their words. Many times actions that are taken by the aristocracy result in the death and impoverishment of the very people they are claiming to represent. Their loyalties are centered on wealth and power and are not influenced by any other social, ethnic or religious factors, those are merely the false divisions that they use to splinter the slave class into feuding sects.

The UK is the base of operations for the ruling class, and most of their policies are carried out through the politicians in that country as well as their colonies. Coincidentally, just after World War 1, the League of Nations mandated Palestine and Mesopotamia to the UK in 1921, just 4 years after the British oligarchy produced the Balfour Declaration. After World War 2 since the UK was already in control of various Middle Eastern states, the establishment began drawing more lines in the sand that would disrupt local diplomacy and open up the region to civil war and western influence. Another quick example is that of Afghanistan and Pakistan, it was once one nation with one people and was split up by British imperialists as a part of their divide and rule strategy. This happened all over the Middle East but is far more pronounced in the areas around Israel because of the refugee populations.

The main issues that are still controversial today are the displacement of the Native Arab’s that once occupied the region, and the constant expansion of new Israeli settlements. There is a bitter war raging between the Zionist government and the Arab people that inhabit the Middle East due to these issues. This feud is extremely tragic when considering that the people on both sides of the conflict who are caught up in the fighting are both refugees and victims of imperialism. Many of the Jewish people that are now inhabiting the Middle East are descendants of people who were displaced themselves at the hands of Hitler’s evil regime. Even living within the state of Israel, much of the Jewish population are themselves subject to oppression at the hands of the Zionist government.

When the state of Israel was created instead of integrating the Arab and Jewish cultures together, the ruling class put policies in place that would force the Palestinian people onto unfertile ghettos, separated from water sources and food growing lands by giant walls. The Palestinians were also not given the right to organize, own property, or work, and without these basic freedoms they remain refugees. These policies would result in a growing hostility between the two groups which eventually flared up in physical violence. This violence has spread all throughout the oil rich Middle East and has allowed the western establishment to have a permanent involvement in the region’s affairs, just as they planned.


APTOPIX Mideast Israel PalestiniansIsrael is facing a situation much the same as the United States, where their major political parties are heavily influenced by global banking interests. The international bankers use these nations and their militaries as pawns to carry out their globalist agenda. In America we have the Democrat and Republican parties that appear to be different but are really controlled by the same global interests, while in Israel the elite pushes their policies through the dominant “Zionist” political party. It is many times misunderstood in the media, but Zionism has no link whatsoever to Judaism or to Jewish heritage, it is simply a political party just like the American Republican party or the British labor party. The Zionist party is the long arm of the western establishment in the Middle East, who have hijacked the Israeli government since its inception and are forcing its military to take actions that the Israeli people would not agree with if they had all the information. This is exactly the kind of situation that the United States is caught up in.

The United States and Israel are essentially colonies that are controlled financially and militarily by the elite from within the United Kingdom, which is why there is such an unbreakable alliance between the governments of these 3 countries. This is also why all three countries have the same economic and military policy, because they are not independent nations who act in the best interests of their people, but are actually ruled by an alliance of bankers and aristocrats. The American government and military conducts its business overseas against the will of the public and on behalf of the corporations that run the country via the economy. These corporations are primarily the banking and energy cartels that are owned by the Rockefellers, Rothschilds and other ruling class families. Israel works in very much the same way, the government has an agenda which is against the wishes and the best interests of the people, but they use propaganda and fear to push public opinion in a direction that suits their agenda. The issues unfolding in the Middle East have absolutely nothing to do with religion or ethnic conflict, but are politically and economically charged issues that have been propagated by western imperialism. Antagonizers and so called “leaders” on both sides of the conflict use nationalism and racism as a tool to manipulate their people into the battlefield, but that is not the reality of the situation.

Though the issues in the Middle East may seem complicated with how drawn out the peace talks are and how much the media confuses the issue, things really are not that difficult. It is important to address the corruption that exists within the Zionist government or else the international banking cartels will continue to use Israel and its people for their own imperialistic needs. They are the ones who are creating and profiting from these conflicts, not the Israeli or Palestinian people. The Israeli people are forced into military lives and convinced to fight a war that isn’t theirs, while the Palestinians are sold out and manipulated by their “leaders” as well. Both the Palestinian and Israeli people are honest, decent human beings that just want peace.

The average citizens of both groups are tired of the fighting and really wish to live in harmony with their fellow human beings. A Gazan writer named Talal has written for Palestine’s “Al Yam” newspaper for 15 years and has a pretty good grip on the situation. In a 2011 article he said “Even before the events that split our government and pit Hamas and Fatah against each other, youths weren’t well organized. They didn’t get much support from outside, or inside. The political factions were only interested in using them as employees or fighters”. [3] This is the same way that the Zionist government looks at their people, and this attitude is common among the ruling class in the US and the UK as well.

The Palestinians have been tossed out into the wilderness, displaced from their homes and most of them are only asking for the ability to work, trade and own property. To be given this freedom would prevent them from being displaced again and would establish a proper economy so the Palestinian people can have a fighting chance to become a thriving society. The American government, which is also a banker backed colony, used these same policies to wipe out the native people that inhabited North America. The Native Americans were also treated as exiles on their own land and were pushed further and further away from their homes until the only places left for them were small reservations that were mostly in the desert. This is the kind of policy that the ruling class wishes to carry out in Palestine using the Zionist party as a political front.

This is not an ethnic issue. The “leaders” of these countries want people to think that it’s an ethnic issue, because it distracts people from the real issues that are at the root of these problems.

The refugee crisis is not something that the Palestinians should hold against the Israeli people, as they were just refugees themselves at the time when the state of Israel was created. Besides, the citizens within the country have no say in their government’s actions anyway. The root of the crisis lies with the United Nations who actually made the decision to expel the native population and the interests that forced the UN to take these actions. The militant rulers like Hamas and Fatah are also responsible for escalating the conflict as is their counterparts in the Mossad and the current Zionist regime. Even the PLO who was apparently making an attempt at peace was ready to sell their people down the river for some political advancement.

It is extremely important to emphasize that the people of Israel should not be vilified and punished for the actions of their “leaders”. They are very much in the same predicament that the citizens of the US and Europe are faced with. In all of these areas including Israel there is a strong counter culture movement among the youth. The young people in Israel are not happy with the actions of their government and their military. Military service is required for all male citizens which gives the young people a constant reminder of the realities of war. This is actually having the same kind of effect on the youth that the draft did for the youth in America during the 60‘s and 70‘s, its waking them up.


A large number of potential Israeli military enlistees are growing disenfranchised with their government and they are rebelling, partying and seeking a less aggressive lifestyle than the one that has been chosen by their “leaders”. Not every Palestinian is a terrorist, nor is every Israeli a trigger happy jarhead. This may be the image that Hamas, Fatah and the Zionist regime want for their people, but this is not the kind of future that the young people of both territories wish to create. In 2011 there was social unrest and mass protests all over Israel, because Israeli citizens were unhappy with the actions of their government. There is also a very strong antiwar movement growing among orthodox Jewish Rabbis who are coming out and saying that the actions of the Zionist government are a complete contradiction to the teachings of Judaism and that the current regime is actually doing more harm than good for the Jewish community.

There has been a very strong but unreported resistance to Zionism within the Jewish community long before the creation of the state of Israel. On April 20, 1922, Rabbi David Philipson, testified before the House Foreign Affairs Committee, disagreeing with the proposition to make Palestine “the national home of the Jewish people.” He insisted that, “No land can be spoken of as the national home of the Jewish people, as Jews are nationals of many lands.” Rabbi Phillipson was a part of a powerful but largely ignored movement that is still a force today. Yakov M. Rabkin is a professor of history at the University of Montreal and he has recently written a book about this resistance called “A Threat from Within: A Century of Jewish Opposition to Zionism”. In his book Rabkin says “Zionism constitutes the most radical revolution in Jewish history. Opposition to this nationalist conceptualization of the Jew and of Jewish history was as intense as it was immediate. Even those rabbis who at first encouraged settlement in Palestine in the closing decades of the 19th century felt obliged to turn against Zionism. What made the Jews unique, they declared, was neither the territory of Eretz Israel nor the Hebrew language, but the Torah and the practice of mitzvahs.” [4] These Rabbis and many other people of Jewish faith feel that the emphasis on Zionism takes away from the true teachings of their culture and that the Zionist regime doesn’t embody Jewish values or properly represent Jewish people of the world or those in Israel.

These problems that face this region can actually be resolved quite easily, but it would only happen under conditions that the ruling class would absolutely detest and refuse to accept. The people who have been displaced and are refugees as a result of this crisis must have any kind of employment blocks removed and should be offered citizenship wherever they happened to be displaced. This will at least improve their quality of living while they decide where they are going to start anew. When it is time for them to start anew they should be given amnesty and citizenship in any country which has a population that can sustain them. Any funds that would be needed to make this better life possible should be provided by the United Nations and their subsidiary groups, the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund as these are the powers responsible for creating the refugee crisis and pillaging the entire planet. I definitely don’t agree with how these groups acquired their resources to begin with, but now that they have managed to steal a great majority of the world’s wealth, we should make sure that money is actually returned in a way that will benefit society.

Both sides in the conflict have been misled, abused and exploited by their self-appointed masters. As with almost every large scale conflict in the world, the key to a peaceful resolution lies with the ability of the people to realize that there is no reason for them to be fighting.

“All war must be just the killing of strangers against whom you feel no personal animosity; strangers whom, in other circumstances, you would help if you found them in trouble, and who would help you if you needed it” – Mark Twain


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