Cuyahoga Falls Police Dept patchA reader, named Kathryn Engle, shared the content below, regarding the service several employees of the Cuyohoga Falls, OH Police Dept. provided for her while she is in the process of recovering from cancer surgery and physically disabled from the effects of her illness.

Date of Incident: April 17, 2013
Individuals Involved: Officer Richard Garinger and several other unidentified accomplises
Outfit Involved: Cuyahoga Falls (OH) Police Department
Phone: (330) 928-2181
Fax No.: (330) 971-8332
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Kathryn Engle States:

I’m currently trying to find a good attorney to go to case management and to file a lawsuit for damages and abuse resulting from this incident, in which they broke in while I was sleeping and saw me naked. I’m disabled and had just come home to recoup after cancer surgery on Monday, April 15,2013 and was on walker. To this day, I still walk with cane due to my resulting disability. All officers involved, especially Officer Richard Garinger, knew about my condition beforehand from previous contacts. If you watch the YouTube video, you can get most info. All official reports filed by the officers have errors. Thank goodness, I also have recordings and pics.

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