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I’m sure we’ve all heard the statement “Freedom isn’t free” more times than we care to remember, but is that actually a true statement?  I think so, but not in the way many of us have been told. Murder is not a requirement for freedom. The spilling of blood, be it your own blood or the blood of others, is NOT a requirement for freedom. Legislation and law-enforcement are NOT requirements for freedom.

Freedom isn’t free because in order to obtain it, you must work toward an understanding of the REQUIREMENTS for freedom. As is the case with most things you strive for in life, if you do not understand the REQUIREMENTS for freedom, then you are unlikely to obtain it.


One essential requirement for freedom is that you do your part to make the world free for others.  Electing rulers or masters that you know will restrict freedoms or take property from others by force is a violation of this essential requirement for freedom. If you are not comfortable giving up habits such as voting or using and/or advocating aggressive force against others and their property (regardless of intent), then you don’t truly want to be free.  For many, this is the most difficult requirement for freedom.

If you truly support freedom and respect for others, then STOP doing things that imply the exact OPPOSITE! If you vote, please don’t say that you want freedom. Don’t act like you respect others. Instead, be honest about what you truly support: forcing your values and priorities on others and their property through proxy of the State, which is in direct OPPOSITION to freedom.

If after reading this, you’ve decided that you are not yet willing to do your part to make the world free, I still encourage you to reflect on what you’ve read here.  Until the day comes when you are ready to be free and to allow others to do the same, all I ask is that you be honest with yourself and honest with others about what it is that you actually advocate.



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