The Blue Light Bandits
The Blue Light Bandits

The following post is by guest-author Intangir Voluntaryist.

00: You commit a victimless “crime”, and get attacked by armed bandits with shiny badges, do you:
A: resist (goto 10)
B: run (goto 10)
C: submit (goto 20)

10: You are eventually captured and are threatened with 10 extra charges and 50 to 100 years in prison do you:
A: plea bargain (goto 20)
B: goto trial (goto 30)

20: You are forced to submit to the pageantry of the ‘justice’ system. You are forced to admit to ‘guilt’ for ‘crimes’ that hurt no one. You are forced to pay large sums of money that will likely be used be the very same men who attacked you. Anyone you tell will treat you like a criminal. You may even be forced into a cage with dangerous people who may beat or rape you. When you get out, your attackers will keep a closer eye on you from now on because they know they can get away with robbing and kidnapping you. A small amount of time passes… (goto 00)

30: After being forced to submit to a series of absurd rituals euphemistically referred to as the ‘justice system’ you are paraded before a panel of your supposed “peers” even though you have never met any of them, and it is clear that none of them share your understanding of the situation, none of them are even there by choice, and most of them obviously already view you as a criminal. They are told not to consider moral or common sense principles, they are told only to judge whether you violated the terms of some absurd ‘law’ made up by another group of men, none of whom you have met, based solely on the word of men who will benefit if you are found guilty. Out of obedience or fear, and after seeing what can happen to someone who has done practically nothing, each of them decides it is best to find you guilty without stopping to think about what that word even means of what will happen to you.

Your last chance for escape is gone. Your ‘peers’ have washed their hands of you.

Now you are sentenced. A man who is wearing a funny robe and waving around a hammer, and who you have done absolutely nothing to tells you that you are going to prison for the rest of your life, that your kids will be wards of the state (and drugged into practical unconsciousness as most of them are), and that your house will be stolen.

You are taken in chains to a large complex of cages where you will be humiliated by both the men who control the cages and the men in the cages. Some of them will mock you, some of them will beat you, and some of them will rape you. Your previously productive happy life is completely ruined for an indefinite period of years. You are forced to perform what equates to slave labor to make money for the very people who are imprisoning you.

All the while the sheep on the outside are so oblivious to the wretched state of decay, tyranny, and slavery of the country that they still continue to assume that anyone who would run afoul of the bandits with shiny badges deserves to be put in a cage, enslaved, and raped. Most of them will unthinkingly continue to pay anywhere from 40% to 50% of their income to the very system that aggresses against them, the men in the cages, and even people on the other side of the world, causing one of the most chaotic tragedies the world has ever seen, in the name of safety.

They wave their flags, symbolizing their love for this horrific nightmare, and watch TV.

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