Dream Bitcoin Foundation is sponsoring a Bitcoin-focused seminar at Kumasi Polytechnic, in cooperation with the Conscious Entrepreneurship Foundation, BeamRemit and Bitcoin Botswana. They anticipate an attendance of five hundred university-level students who are interested and motivated. It is as focused an audience as you will get for future Bitcoin users.


Who introduced you guys to Bitcoin and when?

Initially, the bitcoin revolution in Ghana was started by Philip when he met Alah MotherPK Itireleng of Botswana concerning a development of an SMS platform that can send a customized SMS to all networks in the world, it was the sole business of Philip at that time, she told Philip she will make the payment in BTC only which Philip obliged to have as payment for the development of the website www.pkaydatasms.com and Philip sold it to an online shopper who was also wanting Bitcoin for shopping, and since then he has been selling BTC to many people in the country.

That really motivated him to start to educate the youth on how Bitcoin can really change the life of the young Entrepreneurs(Cheetahs) in the country and Africa to be precise as they can sell their products or services for Bitcoin around the globe as technology has now change the world into a global community and with Bitcoin being accepted all over the world, we finally decided to come up with a Dream Bitcoin Foundation to help the youth in achieving their dreams business with crypto-currency being the mode of payment for their services or products.

When did you decide to start the Dream Bitcoin Foundation?

January this year, and was officially registered in Ghana on September 9, 2014.

You guys are located in Ghana what other areas of Africa do you guys know are using cryptocurrency?

Botswana, South Africa, Sierra Leone, Uganda, Kenya, Zimbabwe, Nigeria, Ultimately, blockchain technology will help in bringing wealth to a land plagued by poverty.  A decentralized system like Bitcoin will spur interconnected hubs of prosperity that function beyond national boundaries.


How many members of the project are there?

We currently having 8 board members and about 80 members in the foundation whom we are working together to bring a change to Ghana and Africa to be precise.

Can you tell me about the seminar you are having?

Dream Bitcoin Foundation is proud to announce the first regional Bitcoin seminar to create awarenesss and also educate university and college students to consider Bitcoin exchange for an entrepreneurship opportunity.

Whats the overall goal of the Dream Bitcoin Foundation?

The Dream Bitcoin Foundation will help empower and unite the youth in Ghana, and Africa in general, to successfully enter entrepreneurship through acquiring an education in Bitcoin and the Blockchain and cryptocurrencies and creating their adoption throughout the country. Together with partners from other African nations, the adoption of Bitcoin will be made easier via SMS.

How do you guys feel about Free Markets?

Free market ideas are the better decisions to development in a more developing country like Ghana and Bitcoin medium of exchange will serve as the 21st century innovative entrepreneurship opportunity for University graduate and college students going a long way to limit the level of unemployment


Do you think Bitcoin will effect Africa in great ways?

Yes, because Bitcoin is new to Africa and its prospects of developmental insights to the continent generates more entrepreneurship ideas.

Is it easy or accessible to get a smart cell phone and Internet access there?

Yes, but its expensive to purchase it and also getting internet is also a financial issues to people in Ghana here.

What features of Bitcoin or the blockchain do you look forward to?

Exchange setups, cryptoaccounts, applications, and registering land deeds on the blockchain and having free and fair election using the blockchain technology.

How do you guys feel about self-governance using Bitcoin as a tool?

With Bitcoin as a tool, people can easily have access to their accounts without any legal backing or interventions from the government.

What’s the main stream banking situation in Africa are there accessible banks for people?

Yes, the mobile money system is the best system in Africa but Bitcoin has so many advantages over the Bitcoin as you can do your analysis in the article that was written by our founder Philip Agyei Asare.

Thank you Dream Bitcoin Foundation for chatting with us. We look forward to seeing you flourish in Ghana and spread it across the continent of Africa. We wish you the best of luck with your endeavors. Readers of Crypto Bits presented by The Art of Not Being Governed may donate directly to the Dream Bitcoin Foundation using the address below.


Dream Bitcoin Foundation (DBF) is actively getting involved with using and promoting the use of cryptocurrencies to accept donations. Cryptocurrency transactions can be more secure and have the lowest transaction fees of any other type of money transfer. 

The Foundation is offering sponsorship and advertising opportunities for companies to market their products and services. As a leading Bitcoin-related enterprise, you can participate in the introduction of Bitcoin to a group of men and women who are destined to be leaders in the transformation of Africa, and the related flourishing of Bitcoin. You will get your name in front of people who are looking for solutions.

A major sponsor will have its name and logo in prominent display in all areas of the venue, but there are also opportunities for focused advertising in books, brochures, tee shirts, and other items. We are looking forward to an exciting time, with speakers from Africa and abroad.

All Individuals and companies can donate to the success of this first regional seminar or advertise with them and help to make Africa a Bitcoin continent.

Click here to donate to DBF. Visit DBF at www.dreambitcoinfoundation.org or on Facebook. Register for the Seminar here.

Bitcoin address for DBF: 1CPGByjASvkLN7mLZP9cz4nRaaUXHsEXtp