Written by Michael Geer.

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This film just happens to have been one of the summer blockbusters that I was looking forward to this year. When my partner and I went to see the movie a few days ago, we weren’t disappointed.

Besides the great visual and CGI effects, Dawn of the Planet of the Apes also has great lessons about the benefits of voluntary cooperation. The film also gives warning about the consequences of initiating aggression.

By the way, If anything I say comes across as a spoiler alert, I do apologize. One of the running themes in the movie is the animosity that has developed between the apes and what is left of the humans. Some of the apes are still bitter about the abuses suffered as a result of experimentation.

For me the best example of voluntary cooperation that I saw in the film was when the apes agreed to help the humans with a project to restore electricity to the place where they live after one of the humans helps restore a dying ape back to health.

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Sadly, this alliance of cooperation is short lived when a small band of apes makes its way into the city where some of the humans are living and discovers a stockpile of weapons. The same apes uses this information as a rallying cry to initiate a preemptive strike against the humans.

Without giving away too much more, some apes like Caesar (Andy Serkis) as well as some humans like Malcolm (Jason Clarke) believe that both groups can help each other. Sadly, the voices of those who would rather see both sides at war are much louder.
The film which was released on July 11th is now playing in theaters nationwide




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