This article was written by guest-author Spartacus.


Anyone who has ever taken even the most basic business or economics courses understands that markets tend to push everyone in most every industry to deliver faster, produce cheaper, and have it done right the first time.

Unfortunately, politicians being the economic jackasses that they are, as well as those who believe their rhetoric, seem unusually proud of their stupidity in the belief that politics, legislation, regulation and socialization of health care in America will somehow change the laws of economics and allow health care providers to juggle all three and deliver them to their maximum potential. No one really seems fully aware of the relationship between these three fundamental economic forces. The vector diagram below shows the actual relationship between them. In the American health care debate, the fastcheap and right aspects each equate to maximum accessibility, maximum affordability, and maximum quality, respectively.

If it’s been a long time since you’ve had to deal with vector math, the illustrations below will show the actual effect of this relationship.

In this first example, the requirements are to have something done with maximum accessibility and maximum quality. As you can see, this vector sums to the exact opposite of maximum affordability. We’ve all experienced this. Throw enough money at a problem and eventually, the solution will be highly accessible and of the highest quality, but it sure as hell ain’t gonna be affordable.

In the following example, the requirements are to have something done with maximum accessibility and maximum affordability. Here you can see that this vector sums to the opposite of maximum quality. Consider this when you are compelled under a socialized medical plan to have your McDoctor provide your badly needed McSurgery at the McHospital, complete with uneducated, irascible inner city teenagers pushing picture buttons on the register for your particular procedure or ailment. Remember the movie Idiocracy?

This last example shows the effect when the requirements are to have the solution be delivered with maximum affordability and maximum quality. Here are your long lines and waiting lists for organ, blood and plasma transplants/donations, etc.

Hopefully, you can see where this progression is headed. I shouldn’t even need to show you the effect of what Obamacare (or any centrally-planned, socialist scheme) actually creates under the requirements of being delivered to maximum affordability, maximum accessibility and maximum quality. It ain’t gonna happen because that is a vector which sums to 0 — ZERO, ZIPPO, ZILCH, NADA. It may be able to happen in some imaginary, higher-dimensional Universe, rotated through another axis at right angles to the ones we operate in with our known laws of physics and economics. That Universe would be arranged along a line into, or out of the page or monitor you’re viewing, but it will never happen in the known Universe.


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