Editor’s note: the original content for this page has been removed because some IP troll got butthurt over his supposed “ownership” of the content.

We received notice of his DMCA takedown demand from our hosting provider. The following is his email. Note how the whiny little bitch uses terms like “blatant” and “deliberately” and says we are lying like he’s making his case stronger or something.

This is what a whiny little bitch sounds like

A couple things worth noting here. First and foremost, we are admittedly opportunistic with our content and will get what content we can from whatever source. However, we aren’t assholes about it. We’ve reposted a lot of content from other sites and, when we have a source, we link back to it, helping to drive traffic to good sources of information.

In this case, we didn’t copy shit from his site. We copied the list of 67 jobs from a Facebook post that a friend shared with no indication of the original source. Hell, I’ll bet this friend didn’t even know what the original source was and copied from someone else. Welcome to the fucking internet.

And just to prove this, here is a screenshot from our actual source. I’ve obscured the identity to protect our friend from the coward psychopath who is running around dropping DMCA notices on people instead of being a real man and approaching people directly. Who knows what kind of violence of the state this idiot could try to bring against someone committing the crime of posting on Facebook.

Slightly worse than your grandma's knitting site.

As you can see, there is no link or indication of source. For all we knew, it came from our Facebook friend’s head. After all, there is no way we would have ever seen the original site that claims ownership to this particular order of words. Not only is the page so untrafficked that it is ranked over 5 millionth in popularity on Alexa. He also doesn’t even have the most basic of search engine optimization in place to rank for the exact words in his title.  We rank number 2 when searching for the page title, he ranks below a page that doesn’t even have the words in the title!

For an IP troll, threats ARE treats
Yeah… we misspelled threats. Who knows who might claim ownership to that word.


So, here we have a guy who can’t take the time to market his content properly… he even declares, like it is a point of pride, that he doesn’t use RSS for syndication of his content. Here’s a clue pal… yes you do! Your site is using WordPress… therefore you have an RSS feed. Here is a screenshot from your own feed, moron!

Do you even Feed bro?

That’s probably one reason why your content and site ranks so poorly. You have no fucking clue what you are doing. Just because you’ve failed miserably to drive any sort of traffic to your content doesn’t grant you some just cause to go out and invoke state violence against people who are doing it better than you. Here’s the real tragedy for this guy. Had he simply approached us and asked for us to link his site, we would have been more than happy to do so. We’ve run free advertising, linked out to lots of other sites and generally will promote good content. The fact that his site seems to be tangentially affiliated with anti-statist ideals, we’d probably be even more inclined. His claim that we don’t have an email address to contact us misses that our DMCA page has a form to submit requests to takedown (he didn’t), we have our Facebook, Twitter and Google+ pages prominently displayed on our sidebar for every page to contact us (he didn’t). Instead he decided to bring the state into the mix, with his DMCA demand… so he can forget getting any sort of referral or traffic from us.

Ultimately, the IP claim here is dubious at best. Did this guy invent the jobs of House Painter, Antique Sales and Disk Jockey? No, of course not. Did he invent the concept of a list? Clearly, no. He claims as his intellectual “property” the order in which these jobs appear. Get that? This loser is claiming ownership on the order that a list is presented. And he thinks our understanding of the DMCA is wrong. It seems like his understanding of property is wrong.

But so as not to leave you, our dear readers without the content you may be looking for, we’ve found this list of 50 jobs that could fit the bill. These come from a post in the DailyAnarchist forums. We’ve taken the liberty to rearrange this list by alphabetical order in hopes that no one makes a claim of ownership on the alphabet. Though it seems like the creator that list has a proper understanding that “IP” isn’t property. As always, all our content is posted here under a Creative Commons BY-SA 4.0 License so please feel free to share it far and wide and spread the message of liberty, anarchy, agorism, and how not to be an IP troll.

Angel Investor
Art Sales
Bandwidth/Electricity/Utility Sales
Banking/Alt. Currency Exchange
Commodity Speculator
DJ/Music Performance
Food Stand/Ice Cream Truck
Freelance Writer/Blogger/Editor
Graphic Design
Home Lounge/Restaurant
House Worker
Independent Film
Janitorial Work
Massage/Physical Therapist/Spa
Music Lessons
Pre-Contraban Sales
Private Investigator
Programmer/OS Developer
Renting Items
Renting Space
Security/Protection Services
Shooting Instructor
Small Claims Dispute Resolution
Sound/Studio Producer
Speaking Engagements/Debate
Subsistence Farmer
Target Range
Tech Support/Repair
Tech Training/Support
Tutoring/Homeschool Admin
Web Design
Web Hosting/Data Hosting
Wedding/Party Planning or Hosting