Written by Chris Chew.

I am paid by the State to force people to obey the commands of politicians. I am trained to take money from, to legally kidnap and/or to kill (if necessary) anyone who disobeys, resists or interferes with my administration of force.


I am trained to use whatever type of force is necessary (including lethal force) to secure my victim’s compliance with the commands of the politicians. I am paid solely to protect and serve the interests of the State, which may or may not align with the interests of the tax victims whose property is stolen in order to pay my employers (the ruling class) and the most common tools I utilize to secure compliance with the politician’s commands include (but are not limited to):

-Specially-equipped vehicles with flashing lights (designed to pursue fleeing victims)
-Handcuffs (to ease the process of legally kidnapping my victims)
-A radio (often used to call for backup and to communicate with others in my profession in the event that I do not believe I can administer sufficient force to secure obedience from or subdue my victims)
-Chemical sprays (aka pepper spray or mace used to incapacitatemy victims)
-Tasers (used to incapacitate my victims)
-Batons (used to beat victims who resist)

If believed to be necessary, I also have additional and often military-grade weapons, vehicles and tools at my disposal. All of the above are purchased with money that was stolen from tax victims and I routinely use these tools on or against peaceful peoples.

In the event that I physically harm or even kill another individual while on the job, I am almost always treated preferentially by the State (which holds a monopoly on the use of force and on arbitration services). If I am unlucky, I might face significantly lesser fines or punishments from what my victims would face for those same actions.

Ironically, my victims often treat me preferentially, believing that I have authority to do what I do. Those victims almost always give me the benefit of the doubt. This is likely the result of a lifetime of State education, manipulation and indoctrination.




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