Written by MooneRumblebelly 

War is profitable. Unnecessary war is an everything or nothing gamble. Either your side wins, and you’ll get your money back plus interest and insider access or your side loses and gets nothing. As every gambler knows it is always best to gamble with other people’s money, this reduces the risk of you personally going bust and externalizes that risk to someone else. War was one of the first and is still one of the largest investments made by every first world nation every year. The risk of this gamble going bad is passed off from the special interest groups involved in the decision to the general public of a nation under the guise of public good, greater good or necessary evil. Some think 9/11 was because some radicals hate freedom. I think it is much more likely to be blow-back from an overly aggressive constantly escalating state of war and unrest created in the middle east by western special interests that has been made possible and increasingly easier with ever increasing easy money policies for special interests.

tl;dr War is an investment made by a small number of special interest, where the risk of the investment is completely passed on to the public. War is escalating because it is becoming easier to fund and less risky for those responsible.


Bleeding heart patriots will scream about every excuse under the sun, but the bottom line is war exists because it is profitable. It is much more efficient to trade to get what you want than it is to attempt to take it by force, unless of course you didn’t foot the bill to begin with and have no personal risk involved.

Investment boils down to two basic variables. The risk of loss and the potential reward. In my honest opinion, we need to make the people who profit from war take on the risk of such investments. Similar to how Bitcoin has realigned the interest of money creators with the money users, I believe we need to realign the risk and reward for war away from society.

The system currently redistributes risks by allowing a minority to decide how the majority should spend their money. When you see the budget fights during election season remember, that isn’t magic money they are arguing about, it’s yours.

tl;dr They use your currency, to redistribute not only your wealth but the risks of war. A few trade the downside risks of gambling with the public’s lives, for the public’s money and then those same few pocket the profits. Rinse, and repeat.

In my opinion the only long term solution to this problem is the separation of money and state. Money like any tool should be a private good and should be subject to the competition and testing of the free market. Only when we rob the state of the power to fund war recklessly will we be able to make those responsible for war take on more of the risks of war. This will not eliminate war from the face of the planet, but it will make it more expensive and thus we may start to reduce war’s impact in this world.

This is not something I believe that can happen from inside the system, because if you are using the system’s currency you are fueling it. To separate money from state we are going to have to work outside the system.


The easy money policies that let the few make profit from the blood and savings of the many are only possible with a currency made of nothing but faith. The only thing that makes those neat little pieces of paper and digits in a banks database work is your personal faith in them. Faith has made the world go round for a long time, but something tells me we would all be better off giving math a turn at the wheel. So each time you use bitcoins instead, you rob a little more faith from all those faith based monies. I’m not going to lie, its an incredibly small amount, tiny, most would say it is an insignificant amount and its not enough to affect real change. I have made my peace with that, its true I don’t know for certain if it will work, but I now that it could and that tiny little sliver of hope, as small and insignificant as it may be to so many, is the brightest and most beautiful thing I have ever seen. I may be in a little personal rowboat trying to fight the fieriest tide on earth and in the end I may only end up where I started but at least I’ll be facing the right direction.

tl;dr The more bitcoins you use, the less faith fiat has to run on. If enough people choose math over faith, we may be able to separate money from state and eliminate unnecessary war.

I buy and use bitcoins because I am against unnecessary war and support efforts for a more fair distribution of risk and reward in the world.

tl;dr My wallet kills fascists.