Let explain why I want you to be an anarchist.

Anarchism is probably not what you think it is; it is not mass murder, bombs and bazookas, arenas and gladiators, bloodshed, or Mad Max and the Thunderdome. Anarchism is simply the ability to live a life of cooperation without fear of being told how to cooperate.

The word comes from the Greek. It means “Without Rulers.” It is true that the term has picked up some nasty connotations. It has come to mean political strife or disorder. However, this misconception of meaning does not resonate with how anarchists think or feel. In reality, anarchists want to be your friend. They believe in compassion and human connection.

Anarchism is not even a political term. It is apolitical. Anarchism is not about building bureaucracies or attempting to coerce people to live a certain way. It is about voluntary interaction and respect of property rights. Anarchists are freedom fiends and connoisseurs of love. They want to rid the world of politics and the horrible suffering they cause.

Anarchists believe you should be able to plant gardens of fruits and vegetables in your front lawn without having to appeal to city codes. They want you to be able to work without a license, without permission from sociopathic social engineers.

You should be able to carry a gun wherever you please so long as you mind your own business. You should be able to collect rainwater and drink raw milk. You should be able to smoke whatever plant you want whenever you want. You should be able to live of your own volition so long as you don’t harm anyone. You should be able to do all of these things without having to ask permission.

This is what anarchists want; it is why I want you to be an anarchist.

The philosophy is not about Utopia or some skewed vision of the perfect society. Instead, It is about voluntary interaction and freedom from controlling humans. It is about the I-Thou relationship, about you and I joining together and building rapport.

In the absence of anarchism, destruction, death, bombs and bazookas terrorize everyone, because it is what authority produces. If anything is chaos and destruction, it is the environment created and maintained by status quo politicians.

Let’s do away with that. Come to peace. Become free; relate to me without violence.

Discover anarchy.


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