Written by Cash Snowden.


If Jefferson were writing the Declaration of Independence these days:  “a decent respect to the opinions of mankind requires that they should declare the causes which impel them to the separation…let Facts be submitted to a candid world.”

–He has forbidden us to adopt a child without his permission.

–He has required us to use currency produced by a private banking cartel which creates currency as debt out of thin air and charges we the people interest on what did not exist to be lent.

–In defiance of the first amendment of the bill of rights of the U.S. Constitution, he has sent undercover agents and assets to influence our political opinions, calling us paranoid libertarians, while simultaneously running through both the government and through contractors paid by government, cognitive infiltration operations, and counter intelligence scams against us using dummy social media accounts.

–He has authorized his agents to write their own warrants, and authorized sneak n peek home invasions against us, without probable cause or warrants being shewn.

–He seizes our property, then drops the charges, never having to prove a case, but keeps the assets he stole.

–He intrudes on our private deposit boxes at banks we entrust with our privacy, poking his nose into what is stored there.  He intrudes into our Netflix accounts and our borrowing history at the public library.

–He issues citations and fines for disobeying a traffic light or signal even when not another driver is anywhere to be seen.

–He has issued mandates on how we may use our own property.

–He has granted patents on engineered crops because they are so different, while requiring no longterm feeding studies to ensure their safety because they so very similar.

–He has prosecuted people for petty victimless behaviors such as collecting the rain on their own land, or sharing the milk from their cows.

–He has recorded and stored all our personal internet communications and records of all of our online activities.  He has built and kept files on activists and other innocent non-aggressors.  He has conducted warrentless wiretaps and has spied on us through the mics and cameras on our devices.

–He has mounted CCTV cameras on ceilings, buildings and poles, using advanced facial recognition to monitor and track nearly all our movements through society.

–He has used violent threats and “protected class” laws to force people to interact with others regardless of consent. e.g. A cake maker was forced to make a cake despite his biases.

–He has extorted money for road construction and then charged additional tolls and fees for use of the road the extorted money was used to build and maintain.

–In addition to having forced people into commerce they did not agree too, he has interfered with consensual commerce, fixing wages and fixing prices, declaring it punishable to sell too high or too low in the name of preventing loss leaders and price gouging.

–He has used national guard troops after a hurricane to disarm Americans in violation of the 2nd Amendment of the U.S. constitution

–He has suspended Habeus Corpus rights in violation of the U.S. Constitution, declaring it legal to indefinitely detain suspects, to disappear them, refusing them access to a phone call or attorney.

–He has invaded nations that were not attacking us or anyone else.

–He has killed American Citizens with attack drones, putting them on the kill list for crimes such as “online propaganda.”  The executed American citizens did not have a day in court to face their accusers, or respond to the charges against them.  They were simply executed without trial.

–He has refused to declassify documents about the public assassination of JFK which occurred over 50 years ago.

–He has refused, despite it being ordered by a U.S. federal court, to turn over information about Saudi Royals funding the alleged 9/11 hijackers, or the Sarasota investigation into it.

–He has made it punishable to stop between the house and the range if you are “lucky enough” to even be able to own a firearm.

–He has declared it illegal for me to trade you cigarettes without a tax stamp. Apparently, according to the results of a recent arrest for such an act, the penalty is death by choke hold.

–He has allowed the police in New Mexico to execute the homeless as sport.

–He has silenced journalists, such as Michael Hastings, by killing them in the street, for the crime of doing a story on his kill list czar, who is now directing the CIA, John Brennan.

–He has made it law that we must retreat when attacked.

–He has mandated that we must seek permission to own a firearm or in some cases ammunition.

–He has allowed multiple layers of government to put a combined taxation on our earnings of 30 to 70%.  Some have asked, if taking 100% is slavery, what percent is not slavery?  Even plantation slaves got clothing, food, housing and time off.

–He, through his courts, has made what he calls “obscenity” punishable while refusing to define it, saying only, “I can’t tell you what it is but I’ll know it when I see it.”

–He has required us to pay an extorted fee to police for using an alarm in our homes.

–He has fined us for littering when we attempted to feed crumbs to ducks and other birds.

–He has invented another crime he refuses to define called Disturbing the Peace or Disorderly Conduct = “we can arrest you for whatever we want”

–He has established laws against vagrancy, meaning, it is punishable to be homeless.

–He has made it punishable to feed the homeless.

–He has enslaved employers by forcing them, against their consent, to be his tax collectors.

–He has required us to get permission to improve our own property, increasing taxation if we do.

–He has made it forbidden for us to truly own any land the way he does, free and clear.  Instead we are required to rent land from the counties.  If we fail to pay rent on our own property, we are evicted from it by armed deputies.

–He has required permission to get married.

–For levying additional ‘use’ taxes on fuel, cigarettes and alcohol.

–For sales Taxes in general as well as import/export taxes, inheritance taxes, general excise taxes. We can’t look around our dwellings and find something the government didn’t tax.

–For extorting money that ultimately gets used to pay for wars of aggression where innocents are invaded, bombed, murdered.

–For regulating the everyday items in our homes, like toilet capacity and wood stoves.

–For charging us entry and parking fees to visit and use “public land.”

–For giving officials “official use only” rights we unofficials are denied.

–For telling us how to raise and educate our children

–For requiring selective service registration upon our 18th birthday (the draft)

–For threatening to throw us in a cage if we don’t participate in a jury when called.

–For forcing us to pay fees to obtain government permission to hunt for our food, or to fish for our meal.

–For telling me what plants I can own.  I am abducted and caged if I possess the bud of a plant. If I consensually trade the bud of a plant I am caged for many years.

–For fining me for not mowing my own lawn.

–For fining me for over watering or under-watering my own lawn.

–For fining me for growing a garden in my front yard.

–For requiring me to film it and give the state a cut of the revenue if I want to have sex for money.

–For requiring me to be licensed to cut hair or to have any sort of business license.

–For shutting down a young child’s lending library and little kids’ lemonade stands.

–For sending SWAT teams to an organic farm and eighty thousand other dry holes per year.

–For the entire war on drugs and the entire manufactured war on terror.

–For having the highest percentage of incarcerated adults in the world, and having the stones to call this the “the land of the free.”

–For citing us and seizing and impounding our cars when we travel without license, registration and permission.

–For forcing us to use inflationary currency, an indirect, dishonest form of hidden tax.

–For recently raising the fee to renounce citizenship to $2350, more than a month’s salary for many people.

–For forcing people to incriminate themselves by filing annual tax returns, in spite of the 5th amendment.

–For the Federal Reserve act and the 16th amendment, both in 1913, both straight out of the Communist manifesto, planks number 2 and 5.

–For using large charitable foundations, such as the Ford Foundation as intelligence agent fronts.  For using other businesses such as Evergreen Air and Business International as government fronts. For lying to us about what is private and what is government.

–For using the 4th psychological operations group and Operation Mockingbird CIA spooks to control the media so many people look to for honest reporting.

–For covertly planning a deep integration between North American nations, while pretending otherwise, for “North American Forum” and for letting the Council on Foreign Relations and the bankers behind it puppeteer the U.S. government.

–For forcing us to pay the salaries of law enforcement, who harass, abuse, intimidate, brutalize and threaten innocent people on a daily basis.

–For telling us to move to Somalia (for telling us our only option is to leave) if we don’t like the corruption, immorality, non-consensuality and abuse here at home.

–For lying to us about 9/11, and for being accessories to the mass murder of our own people.

–Because there is no freedom. Anything that appears as freedom is an illusion that may be broken at any moment with no trial and no notice on the whims of the masters by arbitrarily labeling you a terrorist. So says the anti terrorism legislation.


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