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It was reported last week that online bookseller AbeBooks sold a first edition copy of the famous “Das Kapital” for $40,000.  Ironically, the book is a condemnation of trade, capitalism, and anyone who has an extra $40,000 laying around.The book was written by Karl Marx, who has been the world’s poster child for communism for over a century.  The fact that his work is fetching such a high price may be ironic, but it is actually quite fitting with how the man lived his life.

Despite his vocal criticism of British bankers, a great bit of his most popular works were sponsored by British and American bankers. Marx would also often bet on the stock market, in Francis Wheen’s biography “Karl Marx” it was revealed that in 1864, he claimed to have made more than £400 from the English stocks which he allegedly said were “springing up like mushrooms this year”.

As with many state sponsored intellectuals, it was likely that Marx didn’t actually believe in most of the ideas that he was putting out there, but was merely putting out the ideas that he was paid to propagate. It was even cited in the book “Intellectuals” by Paul Johnson, that Marx had many servants who lived lives similar to that of slaves, and he was even said to have children with one of his female slaves, raising some upsetting questions about oppression within his own household.

There is nothing necessarily wrong with his work selling for such a high price, aside from the blatant hypocrisy and the fact that it shows that there is an unfortunate, but clear market demand for his ideas.

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