The Magic Shirt

Written by Bruce Fenton.

Behold The Magic Shirt

I have created a special t-shirt with pretty colors and patterns. I shall make this shirt a symbol and tell everyone about its greatness. Only certain special people born on certain pieces of dirt will be able to call this shirt their own.

I shall print millions of them. I will have them in schools, at football games, I will hand out tiny ones for people to wave with glee. I will make shoulder patches with a photo of the shirt and let people wear those on special costumes and give them the right to rule others.

Love The Magic Shirt

People will love the shirt so much that they will fold it a special way and salute it and say that they are willing to die for it. There will be hundreds of songs about this shirt and people will stand when they see it.

People will be so proud that they are from the same dirt that the shirt is from that they will put a picture of the shirt on the goods that they produce.

Respect The Magic Shirt

If anyone disrespects this t-shirt I will threaten them with physical harm. Some people will be willing to kill others over disrespecting the t-shirt. Burning the t-shirt will be considered by others to be among the lowest of actions.

Protect The Magic Shirt

I will sometimes refer to the shirt as if it were a female human and say things like “I will defend her glory”. Our rulers will have hundreds of these shirts on stages when they speak.

Over time, with proper teaching in schools, propaganda and peer pressure, people will eventually forget how crazy this sounds and will think that reverence for this shirt is not only normal but deviation from this is an act of human scum.

It will be great.

Do these sound like the words of a crazy person? Of course. No such person would do such things over a piece of cloth…unless you cut the sleeves off and call it a flag.


Bruce is a Voluntaryist/Liberty Activist and  focuses on freedom, free markets and emerging technologies like blockchain. You can find him at