Written by Barney Cox

The National March on #Ferguson (Saturday, 30 August 2014) was very well-organized. Orderly. 

So much so that I longed for the loving anarchy of that day a couple weeks prior when there was no organization whatsoever. The feeling from the peaceful daytime gatherings of the first week or so was overwhelmingly loving and positive.


Countless new friends were made. Connections. The Iron Web was being formed. Strand by strand.

This time, there was a rap artist shooting a video, capitalizing. Literally. Many of the protesters had professionally printed signs, when just two weeks before they were all handmade.

The Nation of Islam was out in force, as were the good people from Black Lives Matter who were bused all the way in from the Bay Area.

None of these things is necessarily bad, but it was sad to see what was spontaneous order turned over to establishment interests. A spontaneous, individualistic movement was slipping out of the hands of the individuals who pushed it forward. As it always will.

I was a little sad. Thought maybe it was over. That it had tipped.

But I soon saw enough passion and resolve and independence and FIRE that I think it may well sustain itself. I really hope it does.


Two weeks ago I said that the protesters could not stop because people would think if they quit that the media and the haters and racists were right, that it was just a bunch of hooligans and thugs taking advantage of a situation. That there were no real protesters.

That it was a “race riot.”

I was asked, “Do you think today will make a difference? Will it change anything?”

My response was “No, probably not.”

But today, linked with the days leading up, linked to a sustained effort moving forward, free people speaking out, connecting…That could change things.

Somewhere along the way, we lost our friend. Rain came down and people scattered. We looked for her. We went back to the car. She wasn’t there. We drove around for a while, up and down the West Florissant strip.

We stopped at the Ferguson Market. The place where Mike Brown looks to have assaulted the store owner. It’s foreign-owned. They were very nice. The counters are high. I noticed that only a tall man could reach over them to snatch anything from behind them.

In the parking lot, we ran into the dude making a rap video. He wanted to interview us. As he did, he moved the camera around at odd angles. Kinda weird.

I asked a young black woman passing by if she’d seen a pretty, pale, confused-looking white girl wandering around. Wearing a floppy hat.

“Have you seen our white girl? We’ve lost her.”

She was very cordial, but she had not seen her.

I inquired of a few others. They had not either. I thought of the little girl in color in Schindler’s List.

Eventually, we figured out that the large group of marchers had gone to the main park. We went there. I picked her out of the crowd instantly.


Danny went to fetch her. She said later “I was so glad you found me. I have to say was scared at first but I felt far safer with that group than I ever have with cops.”

“I am so glad I made the trip with you guys.”

I saw the girl from the parking lot of the Market on our way out and told her, “Thank you, we found our white girl!”


Barney is a father of seven and a concerned human trying to help people see the truth. You can follow him on his YouTube Channel here. Please consider sending him a Bitcoin tip to: 1P11Wr7uqRMqtNNfxytyAgq5cFfYRz42yE