Episode aired on January 4th, 2015. James Babb joins the guys on The Crypto Show in the first hour to update them on the ongoing Jury Nullification project happening in New York. In hour number two the guys are joined by Jamie to discuss his bitcoin related artwork at Crypto-Graphics.com and his contributions to the growing website NotBeingGoverned.com

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The Crypto Show has a new vision for libertyminded people: crypto-anarchism.  Abandoning the model of “waking up” 51% of the fat-bellied uninterested and distracted public, The Crypto Show crew hope to inspire the smartest 1% to create open-source, distributed systems of resistance to render the state irrelevant through technology and encryption. Just as Harlan’s Brave New Books brought a legitimacy to information that so many originally dismissed and now so many accept, The Crypto Show will highlight the next information revolution by focusing on technology, currency and anarchy!