An Open Letter From a Soldier, To Those Who Criticize the Troops

The following post is guest-authored by a soldier who is currently deployed in service to his country.

To whom it may concern:

It has come to my attention that many people have been directing some of their anger about our country’s foreign policy toward the members of the military themselves rather than to our political leaders who dictate what our policy is.

As a soldier, this saddens and upsets me. I joined the military not because I agreed with the politicians, but because I felt a duty to serve our beautiful country and noble people. Our way of life is worth protecting, and it requires that men like me make personal sacrifices so that others don’t have to. Freedom needs to be preserved and protected from those who seek to destroy it, and they are legion. The modern world is complex, and what we have here in our country is attractive to despots, terrorists, tyrants, bolshevists, and religious extremists. They will use any means possible to enslave and control us.

I don’t want to spend my life in the military. I never really wanted to join in the first place, but the economy was such that there simply weren’t any other options that came close to providing the benefits, pay, and security for my family. I have children, and I did what I had to do to make sure they had food on the table and a warm place to sleep. I joined the military so they won’t have to. I want a better life for them, and the surest way to provide that is through national service.

If you haven’t served in the military, you won’t be able to understand the evil that exists outside our peaceful borders. I’ve looked into the eyes of our enemies. I’ve seen the atrocities they commit. I’ve heard their anger. The peace and tranquility you experience at home is the result of the willingness of brave soldiers to pursue evil wherever it takes hold.

I do not mean to say that our soldiers are perfect and always honorable. Of course there are mistakes. Of course innocent people die, and it is always a tragedy when they do. But we do our best to minimize those deaths as much as possible. Sometimes those deaths are out of our control. We don’t always know what is behind every door, and we can’t afford to assume the best of every situation.

Some have criticized soldiers for their willingness to imprison our enemies without trial or charges. I have worked at a detainment complex where some of these people are held. I won’t say the name of the facility, but you will no doubt be familiar with it, as it is probably the most famous of this type of detainment center. I know for a fact that some of the people that were held there were innocent of any crime, and I did what I could to lighten their burden. If I wasn’t there, some other soldier could have been there and he may not have been so kind. We had a lot of people come through, and I didn’t always know their fate in the end. That information was above my pay grade. There was nothing I could do about it. I always tried to treat them with respect and dignity. Of course I couldn’t help them escape, because I would have faced disciplinary charges, and they probably would have been found and killed. This would help nobody. From my position I could at least make their lives a little more tolerable.

I’ve never killed anybody; I’ve never even fired my weapon at another person. I won’t follow orders which go against our national principles. I have taken an oath to our country, our flag, and our Führer, and I will not violate that oath.

Now that I’ve laid out my defense of my chosen occupation, let me offer some solutions.

Those who criticize our troops are always welcome to find another country to live in. Nobody is stopping anybody from leaving. Granted, there are certain checks and procedures that need to be followed, but that is only for security; those who have nothing to hide have nothing to fear. Those who get disappeared by the Gestapo are criminals and represent a danger to our pure nation.

If you don’t wish to leave, I encourage you to write to your politicians. They are the ones who make the decisions; they have the power to change things. Our political freedoms allow us to have access to the legislators, and to vote out those who don’t represent the voice of our unified people. We are only their tools and cannot make changes on our own. It is they who determine the orders; we only follow them.

I may not like the stench of the incinerators, I may not agree with every race law, and I may not believe fully in the final solution, but the only reason you enjoy your freedom is that rough men like me are willing to do violence to protect you. It is our willingness to put aside our personal lives, sacrifice our liberties, and deploy to the harshest places on earth that allows you to be comfortable at home, to enjoy the blessings of living in the greatest nation on earth, and to have a peaceful and prosperous holiday season. Don’t forget, as you prepare the Weihnachtsplätzchen this Christmas, that we, the National Socialist soldiers of der Führer Adolf Hitler are away so that you can walk down the Reichsstraße to the Rhine in peace.

Remember the words of our German National Anthem:

Deutschland, Deutschland über alles,
Über alles in der Welt,
Wenn es stets zu Schutz und Trutze
Brüderlich zusammenhält.

Germany, Germany above everything,
Above everything in the world,
When, for protection and defense, it always
takes a brotherly stand together.

Sgt Heinrich Ehrlichmann
Military Post Number 34 539 F

soldier writing letter

21 thoughts on “An Open Letter From a Soldier, To Those Who Criticize the Troops

  1. Jax (aove) comments, “This is satire.”
    It might have been, had the author known what satire is.
    I see it more as outright trickery of the reader’s sensibilities.
    It has no thesis, only two separate, contradictory sections that prove nothing.
    Reading it was a disappointment.

  2. This letter is a fabrication, a poorly-written one and here’s why:

    The author mentions serving at “the most famous type of detainment center” which we first assume to be Guantanamo Bay, but is in fact a thinly-veiled reference to Auschwitz. That would make him a member of the Waffen-SS or SS-Totenkopf (Death’s Head) which administered and staffed the concentration camp system in the Third Reich and occupied territories. Auschwitz-Berkenau was not one of those mythical “death camps”, but a huge labor camp and industrial facility where the I.G Farben synthetic rubber plant was located. Yes, there were fatalities (but certainly not in the millions as popular legend claims) among the inmates (mostly non-Jews) and staff as well, mostly to typhus outbreaks, especially as conditions deteriorated toward the end of the war as food and medicine supplies were disrupted, mostly to Allied bombing. This affected the other camps, too. Also, since Auschwitz was located in Poland, most Germans during the war were not familiar with it, unless they knew someone who had served at or was interned there.

    “I may not like the stench of the incinerators”. There were crematoria at Auschwitz and gas chambers. But not the ones you might think. There was a facility for delousing prisoners’ clothing using Zyklon-B and crematoria for the disposal of the bodies of individuals who died during the normal course of events. But not the homicidal gas chambers and crematoria of the “Holocaust”. Read the works of Germar Rudolf, Arthur Butz and Thies Christopherson for further information.

    I don’t believe the term “Final Solution” or “Endlosung” in German was familiar to the German people at large during World War II. At any rate, it meant Jewish relocation out of Europe, not a genocidal extermination plan. And anyone who served in the Waffen-SS or Wehrmacht emphatically said after the war they had no knowledge or experience of any deliberate plan to exterminate Jews.

    I don’t believe “That information was above my pay grade” was a German expression. It is an American one as far as I am aware.

    Erlichmann’s rank should be SS-Scharfuhrer, equivalent to US Army Sergeant, if he was in fact a member of the Waffen-SS. The German Army rank should be Unteroffizier or Feldwebel.

    Again, I think is satire or a fabrication for ignorant Americans who have no knowledge of the correct history of WW2. It is also insulting to the millions of German soldiers who fought the war with far more honor than the so-called “Allies” and the “Greatest Generation” who were unwitting dupes of international zionism and the banksters, the real instigators of that war. And they were certainly more honorable than the zionist mercenaries called the US military today who fight wars for Israel and murder people in countries that never attacked the USA.

    • Are you serious? This is not meant to be a fabrication. It is not meant to fool people into thinking it’s a genuine open letter from a German soldier in World War II. It is simply satire to draw parallels to the modern, particularly American, way of viewing the troops: absolute blameless saints whose bad actions are all the fault of politicians and without them killing people in far off lands who pose no threat, then our country would be over-run by foreigners imposing their evil governments on us.

      • You are right about how most of the American sheeple view “the troops”. And since the dumbed-down masses don’t know any better, the person who wrote the letter evidently had to use all the nonsense and stereotypes about Germans in WW2. I was just offended by it personally because I am of German descent and didn’t learn history from comic books and Hollywood movies.

        • You should not expect historical accuracy in obvious parodies. Besides, I heard that Germans, at least back then, write in a language called “German” or something, rather than English. I may be wrong though.

          • Yes, I made the assumption it was supposed to have been translated from German into English. The evident historical inaccuracies made me suspicious about the letter’s authenticity. Hopefully my long rant above pointed them out to some folks who might not have been aware of them.

        • Dear Werner,
          I am Dutch, and live in Germany, so I know “both sides”.
          This letter sounds to me like from a man who is pretty brainwasched. He sounds like having no idea what really happened, or read to much out of official history books. If he really is/was a soldier, i can inmagine what kind of drilling he has been through, that means to me : he is brainwasched. So we can’t blame him for his thinking.

    • By all means, let’s nit-pick details and overlook the main point. Atrocities were carried out by Nazi Germany under the direction of the government. Those actions, often carried out by those who only knew what they were allowed to know, are largely despised by the people of the world today. “I was only following orders!” is not considered an adequate defense.
      Many who hold this view of the actions of the Nazis fail to see the obvious parallels with modern USG actions. It appears that you are unable to see past the literal words, and glimpse the grave warning within, as well.

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  5. I like Werner’s comment. Consider. Whether or not the Holocaust took place, it’s a well known fact that multitudes more Jews and Christians were executed by Stalin than Hitler could almost think of doing. Yet you almost never hear of it. Something is fishy there. Are the Zionists the ones who were behind Stalin’s Russia, supporting Stalin? Some of history seems to suggest that.

    The letter is either make-believe, designed to make a point. Or it is written by a brainwashed German soldier. Or it is an adaptation of a real letter by a German soldier. Whatever, it isn’t very good.

  6. The combination of “currently deployed”, the picture of the American flag, and the references to loyalty to Nazi Germany make for a good belly laugh. Seig heil!

  7. The point isn’t whether the letter is real or not…but the perception of the reader. As I read, and based on the opening photograph I perceived I was reading an American soldiers letter. At some point I made the realization that I was not and began to see the true point. Events taking place in the world for the last couple decades are following frightengly close to those of the Second World War. The warning…USA=Germany in the 1940′s? And remember that behind the scenes may be the very same bankster puppeteers now as then. We all need to become involved in government…holding it accountable instead of acquiescing as they dismantle the freedoms our forefathers fought for.

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