To the men and women who support the troops, this is my message for you:

I actually do share many of your opinions of our vets. In fact, I feel that a large portion, if not a majority of those who join the military do so with at least some if not a great deal of intention to selflessly give of their time and efforts, and even possibly their lives for a good cause. For this reason, I see those men and women as some of the best of people among us, with perhaps some of the greatest potential for good and with a high drive to give of themselves to help those they love including their family, or possibly even complete strangers. Most of these individuals are only doing what they believe is best for others.

I truly do believe that, but I suspect where you and I differ is in ‘how’ the good in those people is utilized, or to whom or to what purpose their actions truly serve. I believe that many of these vets are among the best of humanity, and it deeply saddens me to see the good in them be channeled into, as I see it, the exact opposite of what they intended. Rather than giving of themselves here at home and channeling their potential in a positive and productive manner, I believe they have been told a terrible lie, and are constantly told this lie, ESPECIALLY on days like Veterans Day, which is both seductive as well as poisonous to some of the most selfless and bravest people among us who wish to do the right thing. I believe that this lie (that to fight overseas is to serve everyone back at home, or to defend our freedoms and our way of life) is said, and repeated and even indoctrinated into us from a very young agein order for the rulers of this nation to take advantage of them and to channel the good in these men and women in order to use them as killers and cannon fodder to advance political agendas. I believe that our vets are being used to increase the power and influence of our rulers and as pawns in their games, returning the favors and contributions of those who would profit from both an aggressive foreign policy and a continuous flow of “enemies” to be feared.

I believe that the ruling class in this nation is playing on the good in people as well as on their fears, and that we must put a stop to it!

What I am trying to say is that I believe that many if not a majority of vets are among the best of humanity, but that their good intentions are being taken advantage of, and I believe that you and I owe it to them, and to future generations, both here and abroad, to try to redirect the good in these wonderful men and women away from destructive purposes and instead toward productive purposes. If you do not see the death and destruction which results from their actions overseas, and if you believe they truly are helping to defend freedoms and our way of life, then don’t you at least feel that you owe it to them to take a step back and question whether or not what they are doing is really necessary, or if there might be other ways that we might achieve freedom, peace and prosperity without having to sacrifice some of the best men and women, fathers, mothers, sons and daughters among us?

All I am asking is that you consider alternatives to human sacrifice. All I am asking is that you consider peace.

With love and sincerity,
Chris Chew