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os·tra·cize: verb (used with object), os·tra·cized, os·tra·ciz·ing.

1. to exclude, by general consent, from society, friendship, conversation, privileges, etc.

After following the heinous crimes of the police state for years now, I feel like it’s time to add another tactic to our playbook.

Cut ties. Don’t help police or their spouses in any way (unless the spouse is trying to get out of the relationship) – including financial assistance or any other material or emotional support.

Don’t be respectful to them. Don’t appear polite to them. Don’t smile back. Don’t answer their smalltalk. Don’t hold the doors for them or thank them for holding it for you. Don’t acknowledge they are around unless you fear for bodily harm if you refuse. This includes but is not limited to family or or social gatherings.

Always make “doing their job” as difficult as possible by fully exercising your rights, no matter how innocent of any “crime” you think you might be. Do not talk to them or cooperate with them or call them unless you fear for your life or another if you fail to do so

Film them whenever you have an opportunity.

Agitate the population by focusing their attention on the police state – the militarization, brutality, abuse, tactics, equipment, morality and efficiency of it. When you share stories on social media tag #ostracizecops to get the idea out.


Policing – in the institution’s current form – exists as a result of involuntary transfers of wealth. Any other time an organization exists because of involuntary transfers of wealth, we correctly consider them to be criminals. Let’s be consistent in our thinking. If your principles are only valid until someone puts on a costume and a badge, you have no principles.

Modern police work is not only a violation of rights by its mere existence, but by its application as well. It enforces laws that are demonstrably harmful to people, and police know they will be enforcing these laws when they join. The war on terror and the war on drugs is quite literally a deadly combination. The fourth and fifth amendments of the United States constitution might as well have never been written and this fact causes a great chilling effect on the first amendment. People are less likely to speak out when police can violate your other rights at any given moment.

Even when police are grossly out of line, the thin blue line comes into play. Strangely enough, the overwhelming majority of police shootings, tasings, arrests or beatings are “justified”. When a police officer comes under fire from the public, that officer is usually given a paid vacation while the police department investigates itself and shuffles a few deck chairs around until the public forgets about the incident.

Why ostracism though? Because nothing else has worked. The courts are corrupt. Voting allegedly changes the players, but not the game. New laws will simply be ignored by police when convenient for them to do so. This is one of only two ways to discourage people from becoming usurpers the moment they receive their first paycheck, and it is a peaceful way based on free association (and dissociation).


Why Spouses?

Given the nature of the job and the criminality police get away with daily in this country, it’s not a giant leap to compare them to a gang or a mafia. Would you want to be associated with a spouse of a private criminal? Ostracizing spouses could have a bigger effect than ostracizing officers if it discourages people marrying rights-violators. If the spouse is trying to get out of the relationship, they should be encouraged and supported. The children should be off-limits from this approach as they are obviously innocent. The spouses and the children should be an urgent concern, considering that domestic violence is 2-4 times more common among police families than American families in general (


Obviously, the state holds a territorial monopoly on police service. There is no reason to feel you’re sacrificing your principles if someone is trying to break into your house and you call the police. You have no other option. However, be aware that there are many cases where calling 911 causes more trouble than it’s worth.

In other situations where ostracism and/or filming is confronted with violent threats, consider your safety above all else. All police encounters should be considered a hostile situation.

Ostracism need not only be used against police. It can be used against any law enforcement agency – local, state or federal – or members of any other state institution that is violating people’s rights (just about all of them) or politicians themselves.

This is a proposition for a peaceful solution to a problem of violence. Peaceful solutions are always more utilitarian.


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