Written by Tommy Valor – Liberty Rockstar.

“Protesting” – What does this word mean to you?  Sitting around singing “Kumbaya?”  Running around shouting, “Fuck the Police”?  Participating in civil disobedience and risking jail time to drive your point home?

Different words mean different things to different people.  Each of us feels differently about what course of action to take in order to enact the change that we wish to see in the world.  Protesting doesn’t need to be violent, though the media and thugs in law enforcement will tell you otherwise. They will even go to all extents to prove otherwise, including baiting, agitating, and provoking violence, then showing only that.  Many of my activist friends have experienced this first hand.


The media itself has coined terms to try and detract attention away from a very real and effective means of peaceful protest and activism.  Mainstream culture has picked up and run with this kind of derailment.  Slacktivism, keyboard warriors, basement dwellers, neckbeards, etc.  All these terms undermine and depreciate an extremely important kind of peaceful protest.

With the advent of the internet, and the speed of which it is capable of relaying information between individuals of all kinds of different cultures, backgrounds, and geographic locations, is an amazing tool.  Any attempt to subvert the counterculture movement, or today known as the liberty movement, is glorified and rewarded in mainstream culture.  I think even individuals that participate are not aware of the amount of effect they could have in enacting change in the world through their actions.  Think about it: you pose an extremely well put, or succinct, point online in a public forum or thread on social media.  You bombard a thread with nonviolent messages, enduring threats against your life, for explaining your idea.  People see that.  Not just the individual you’re engaging either.  When this thread gets shared, it travels to other minds; to other free thinking individuals.  There will be people who read your message, who will never reach out to you or tell you they agree with you.  They may not even agree at first, but you are planting a seed.

That seed will flourish and blossom.  Freedom is something you are born with.  It’s an idea that gets crushed in the social construct that exists today.  You submit from a very early age to authority.  This is only rewarded as you grow up and go through the school system, then join the workforce.  Blind subservience is almost an admirable trait in society’s eye today.  Individuals questioning authority are the ones put on blast by all the other order followers.  Free men do not ask for permission, and you are free.

So the next time you’re online and in a debate with someone who’s slinging rhetoric and threats, think about this: you don’t need to convince him; he’s not your audience.  The rest of the world, reading through your argument, are who you’re trying to convince.  Someone will read your argument on peaceful parenting, and you will forever change some child’s life.  That child could grow up to do amazing things.

We ask not for armed rebellion, rather a philosophical and educational revolution; revolutions happen one changed mind at a time.  Plant those seeds and watch the world change within your lifetime.



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