This article was written by guest-author Matt Jacobi.


Recently my car blew a head gasket.

I was stuck, low on federal reserve notes, and wondering what I would do. I needed a few things immediately: a tow home, and a vehicle to borrow for a few days until I could get a longer term loaner car from my parents. Fortunately I did have some resources available to barter with, namely a freezer full of venison, and another deer my dad killed to butcher.

So, while I was walking home, I posted on facebook: “Can anyone tow my car 5 miles back home? There’s a cooler full of venison for your trouble…” Within an hour, a friend of mine from high school took me up on the offer. He came out, we towed my car home, and I sent him on his way with literally a cooler full of venison, all carefully butchered, trimmed and wrapped by yours truly. He also threw in the beer run and trip to the auto parts store for free. I gave his son a pair of free deer antlers.

We were both EAGER to make the trade. Why? because we both both benefited from it tremendously: I got my car towed back to my house where I could repair it, he got about 25 lbs of exceptionally healthy meat for his family. This left me with one more urgent need: a car to borrow until my parents could bring me theirs.

So back to facebook I went, posting this time: “Can anyone let me borrow a car for a few days? I’ll give you a bunch of venison for your trouble.” Sure enough, within a few hours, A complete stranger, a woman I had never met in real life, came forward and accepted my offer. Again we made the same trade, several pounds of venison, for use of her car for two days. Social media has given those humans who wish to live free of coercion an incredible tool. Why don’t we use it more? Ask to trade what you have a surplus of for what you have a need for.

I could have paid a tow truck his violently inflated price,(license, insurance, and of course sales tax), but that would have roughly equaled the cost of the again violently inflated parts (tariffs, taxes insurance etc). By trading directly and leaving the state out as much as possible, we all benefited from the transactions in the agora. Will it work for you? I don’t know. Do you have something you want less than what someone else has to offer? Do you need a tow truck? Do you have venison, eggs, silver, ammo bitcoin? Try to trade BEFORE trying to use federal reserve notes. Hey, it worked for me!

By the way: this is still legal! Can you believe it? Perhaps the best way possible to end the state: Starving the beast, is still legal. My fellow agorists, before the door is violently slammed shut in our faces, I beg you: TRADE with your fellow humans! Ignore the state, ignore the fed. The one thing they fear is us being able to provide for each other’s needs voluntarily without their violently enforced “help.”

Like Jack Spirko said: “A lot of people say: It’s better to ask forgiveness than permission.”

I say the hell with that! “Do it and then defend it.”


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