This article was written by John Vibes.


Recently, a Washington State senator made news with a proposed bill that would force people who ride bicycles to pay a registration fee in order to ride, and additionally they would be forced to put a registration number on their bike, that would sort of work like a licence plate. Senator Randi Becker says that this measure should be taken to better keep track of, and arrest, people who break laws while on bike.

The Senator said that he proposed this bill because there were allegedly cyclists who were causing traffic disturbances and “urinating in people’s yards”

However, when looking into the finer details of the bill it is easy to see that the main goal is to generate revenue and establish another excuse to violate the rights of peaceful individuals.The bill proposes a yearly $20 bicycle operator fee for anyone 18 years or older who rides their bike on public pavement or trails.  Also, cyclists would have a license plate so they can be easily identified by police, and it is likely that if police see a rider without a license plate they will stop him and harass him, give him a ton of fines, and possibly even send him to jail.The bill is even written specifically enough to require that the license plate be made with reflective material so it can be seen during the day and the night.
This situation is obviously ridiculous, but in reality, any license or registration requirement is ridiculous.  All of these things are basically permission slips for actions that people shouldn’t need permission for, and on top of that they cost money.  The measure is projected to bring in at least $1 million in revenue in the first year.


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