Stop Feeding the Parasite – Why Statists Can’t Make Sense of the Government


Why do politicians promise one thing, then do another, and get away with it?

Why is government always growing bigger while the people get poorer?

Why is the justice system so unjust?

Why are there so many wars?

Why is the only choice we have between evils?

Questions like these present themselves to many statists. Usually, they won’t find a satisfying answer. They don’t know better but to put the blame for all that’s wrong with the world on individual politicians’ personalities or morals. If only the politicians were less greedy, less corrupt, and had more integrity and higher moral values. Then, we wouldn’t have all these problems, they tell themselves. If only the right people – and often they mean themselves – would get into power, everything would be so much better.

Then, finally, someone else does get into power, after having filled people with hope and promises of change. He then goes ahead to bring no change, and continues to commit all the mistakes of his predecessor, even making them worse. Now, some of the statists may begin to lose faith in all humanity. If they haven’t lost faith in humanity yet, they go back to blaming the politician’s personality. If only the right people were in power, they say.

The actions of politicians will never appear rational until one sees government for what it is: a parasite on the people. The governmental parasite sustains itself by feeding on the productive part of the population. Like any parasite, it violently imposes itself on its host, by threatening the people with expropriation or imprisonment, if they don’t feed it. By definition, a parasite weakens its host. This makes government an anti-human organization.

Seeing the government as a part of the people will never make sense. This is what most statists, trying to understand the actions of government, are struggling with. If you think of a parasite as a part of the host, the actions of the parasite appear utterly irrational. The host organism would appear to be weakening itself. Only when the parasite is perceived as a separate entity from the host, with its own mind, its own motivations and desires, its actions begin to appear rational.

Government is a separate entity from the people. It lives on the fact, that the host believes this parasite to be a desirable part of the organism. This is the purpose of most government propaganda: convincing people that government is required for a civilized humanity. The concept of democracy is most effective in fooling the people – it is what makes the people think that the government is a part of them. That’s why election theater was performed even in Stalinist Russia. Stalin still needed the acceptance of the people, or at least the appearance thereof, to carry out his anti-human, parasitic activities.

A host first needs to be aware, that it has a parasite, in order to get rid of it. After that, it can be removed either by violence or by denying it nutrition. The former is not an option in the case of the government. Its defense mechanisms are too strong, and at this point in time, only a small part of the host is aware of the parasite. So we’re left with the latter. Stop paying taxes or pay as little as possible. Don’t vote. Stop paying attention to its propaganda, it only lends credibility to its mouthpieces. Stop interacting with government altogether. This also means to avoid jail at all costs, and especially to remove your children from public school. Engage in counter-economics. Use government currency as little as possible. Instead, use crypto currency, precious metals or even barter for trade.

Stop feeding the parasite. Don’t let it make you think that your actions don’t matter, because they do. If you keep feeding the parasite, you are partly responsible for its further growth and the further exploitation of its host. If you stop feeding it, you may be taking a risk, but will have more resources left for yourself. It shouldn’t be that difficult of a choice.

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