Written by Alexander Munro Smith.

It sucks you in and locks your gaze,
It melts your mind in foggy haze.

Vapidly you cast your eyes
As rapidly you’re mesmerized.

That two-dimensional scene you see
Pancakes your conscious reality.

Creativity thus is squashed
As cunningly, your brain is washed.

Now you’re ready to receive
The web of bullshit we have weaved.

While your mind is plowed and seeded,
Will and testament are deeded.

It’s our land now and we are growing
What earlier we had been sowing.

A monoculture can now be raised,
A generation thus enslaved.

Fall in line now, don’t stand out.
Our way for you ‘s the easiest route.

Give us 40 hours a week,
Like greasy cogs, don’t make a squeak.

You’re on our hamster wheel, you see—
And you’re our source of energy.

Whatever it is you try to do,
We’ll take a piece, cuz we own you.

Serve your country, do your part.
Here’s some sugar, now pull the cart.

We pay the sheep that we have shorn,
With debt upon their yet unborn.

And all of this you surely know,
And still you help our power grow.

We are your God, the Holy State,
Come offer us your fear and hate.

You’ll fight for us and at our will
Your fellow man you’ll blithely kill.

If you break down, just take this pill…
Reduce your consciousness to nil.

You’ll never cast us off, you’ll be
Too weak and timid to be free.

The one thing you must never grasp
Is how much choice you really have.

‘Cause if you did you’d soon realize
The wool we’ve cast over your eyes.

You’d toss your chains aside and stand
In proud defiance of our command.

You’d start to think thoughts of your own,
Then cast us from our vaulted throne.

You’d live a life that you create,
Love enemies you’re supposed to hate.

And in the end you’d come to see
You’re most alive when you are free.

But we really want your soul to keep,
So why don’t you go back to sleep.