To be a libertarian anarchist can be a frustrating and often disappointing experience. Popular opinion is such that the State is seen as one of the most fundamental institutions in society by the great majority of people. Indeed, it can be difficult to come to any other conclusion than that our cause is doomed to fail.


Take hope! We can win. We will win. The ultimate failure of the State is a property of its very nature, and the ultimate success of freedom and liberty are features bound to their very natures.

For the State to be considered a success, it must have access to the minds of its people. The State requires a belief among the populace that it is a legitimate institution, that its rules ought to be followed, and most importantly, that its agents have the right to do things which no person, acting on their own, has the right to do. These are fanatical ideas. They have no grounding. The State faces resistance from each person who doesn’t accept these core tenets. It cannot claim victory so long as even one person refuses to obey. Complete success requires absolute domination of the mind by the State.

This has never once happened. Not even under the most cunning, totalitarian, and popular States.

In fact, even assuming that by some miraculous event, the State achieved 100% compliance – a complete victory – it still faces the problem of future dissent. Each person is born free, born without any allegiance to belief in the State. It requires years of training to convince each person of the State’s legitimacy. Even one failure can stop this process from happening. As such, the State faces the ever-present threat of the next generation. A totalitarian victory for the State must replicate its success indefinitely.

Because of this, liberty has a tremendous advantage over the State. It can survive in the harshest conditions of Statism. It can pass, like a virus, undetected by the State, in the mind for years or decades, waiting. The State can never achieve total compliance. It is always under assault by the ideas of liberty, as well as by its own destructive nature. The state, by its own actions, will always fail. It is a machine of consumption that requires ever more inputs. Its growth and continued existence requires it to consume. At every point, it consumes as much as it can, held back only by the limits in belief of its adherents.

Liberty is a productive condition – everything that is produced is the result of the exercise of liberty. All that the State consumes is derived from liberty. The State is a parasite, and liberty itself is the host. Thus, the State relies on liberty for its existence; it is totally dependent on it. The reverse is not true, however. Liberty can flourish in many conditions – including conditions of statelessness. Liberty gains nothing from the State, and does not rely on it for any aspect of its being.

Because of this feature of liberty, and combined with its ever-present nature, it will always be a threat to the parasitic State. It can never be defeated by the State without the State destroying itself in the process. This has happened in the past – notably Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union.

As the presence and power of the State fluctuates, and as variations come in and out of existence, there are periods of statelessness mixed throughout history. Each of these periods represents a victory for liberty. Each also provides an opportunity. Carefully applied advocacy immediately before and during these periods can move the society away from its desire for a State. This has happened several times, even in the modern era.

At any time, we may be approaching the fall of the State. We must remain infected by liberty. Simply by existing in society we can infect others – liberty is highly contagious. To achieve victory does not require constant vigilance, or any obsessive preparations. It simply requires that we exist and do the things we are naturally inclined to do. The time will arrive when we can use a swift movement to push society from Statism to statelessness without any violence or force. If we wait until the proper time, it will require very little effort. Until that time, we need only continue what we are doing – spreading the message of liberty, living as free as possible, and subverting the State by our very lives.