Written by Joe Cushing.


I have been talking about anarchy with people for a few years now.  I get one of two responses from most people.  The first response is a rejection of the anarchy itself for one of a few reasons that people believe they need rulers.  The second response is a bit more common. This one isn’t a rejection of anarchy but a defeatist belief that we will never convince enough people to end the state.  “People have been trying to do this for years,” they say.  “It can never happen.”  Mostly, I think this is a situation where they have seen things as they are all their lives and it’s hard to see how things could be in the future.  It’s like those people who couldn’t imagine why on earth a person would want to have a computer in their house, when Steve Jobs was starting their company.  So, they couldn’t imagine his company being of any success at all.

Here is a simple question for you: Do you think you could find two people, anywhere on this earth, in the next 365 days who are not anarchists now and show them anarchy in such a way that they become anarchists before the year is out?  I’m talking just two people.  I know we all get into conversations with people and we get shot down but you never know if you are planting a seed of thought in that person.  If you have a dozen conversations, do you have no results at all?  I doubt it.  I bet if you have lots of conversations about the topic, you do have results, even if you don’t know it.  If you can find just two people in a year and show them the ways of freedom and have them repeat that too, each year, that’s all we would need.  Let me explain the math behind this.


Let’s say there is 1 anarchist in this world and you are the one.  I say, “Wouldn’t it be cool if you you could talk to a few dozen people and before the year is up, you find two more anarchists?”  You agree that you’d like some anarchist friends so you do it just for that.  Now there are 3 anarchists.

You and your two new anarchist friends read up on some material (never mind how that material exists if you are the only anarchist, just stay with me here) to become more fluent in the topic.  Then next year, the three of you head out looking for more people and before year two is done, there are 9 of you.  The nine of you repeat the steps and before year three is up, you have 27.  By year five’s end you have 243.

“Wait,” you say, “Joe, we have been working on this project for five long years and all we have to show for it is 243 people?  There are over 7 billion people on earth!  243 people is completely insignificant against that and WORSE the population is growing faster than we are growing!  Vastly more people are being added to the earth each year than we can find and teach the ways of freedom!  This is HOPELESS!”

I say, “Hey, I know it seems hopeless and maybe it is but aren’t you having fun with all of your new, peace loving friends?  Don’t you like having someone you can share your thoughts with?  I heard some of you were even moving into the same neighborhood to enjoy the benefits of living near anarchists.  Isn’t it worth it for just that alone? Why don’t you give it five more years and see how you feel then?”  You agree and at the end of those five years, you have enough people to fill the largest baseball stadium, Dodgers stadium.   There are also 3,000 people outside, who could not fit.


You come to me with little excitement in your voice and say “Joe, it’s awesome having so many anarchists in the world.  I have friends scattered across the continent and several around the world.  I can travel just about anywhere I want to and have friendly peace loving people to welcome me.”  I notice your smile fade a bit and you look down.  A little tear forms in your eyes.  “We’ve been working on this for ten years and, I know a stadium sounds like a lot of people but really just want to be free.  What use is a stadium against 8 billion people?  There are so many new people in the world and we just have 59,049.”

I say, “You know, you are right that 59,000 people is a drop in the bucket against 8 billion but you yourself said this is an awesome experience for you, even if you aren’t free yet.  You know it’s only going to get better from here.”   You agree to give it five more years.  Heck, even if you didn’t, the other 59,048 people would anyway.

You come to me, with a few more wrinkles on your face than when we first met, ecstatic.  “Have you seen the news?!”  You yell.  You are showing me an image of a million people in the streets of a small country overseas.  They are at the airport holding anarchy signs.  The president, his generals, and the top bureaucrats throughout the former state are boarding planes headed out of the land they used to rule.


You tell me you are thinking of moving to Anarcholand but maybe you will stay.  I say, “It’s amazing what can happen when there are14,348,907 people who all agree on the principles of freedom.  Just think, this all started with just you–with just you finding two friends and keeping on finding two new friends of freedom each year.  Of course it did take 15 years but it was worth it, I know.”

You say to me, “I’m really liking what I’ve been seeing here.  I can really see this is working but we have a long way to go.  I have hope now but do you think we can keep this up?  How much longer do you think we will need?  It’s great that a people has been freed of the state but it was a tiny state and there are so many more.  There are so many bigger states and this one could even be reconquered because the big states don’t like Anarcholand.  It makes them feel vulnerable”

I say, “You ain’t seen nothing yet. If you think 14 million people is a lot, wait till you see what next year brings.  Heck, give it five more years and I bet the whole world will be changed.”  You are happy to give it five more years.  You are looking forward to this five years with glee now.
The next year, you call me up, excited to tell me three more lands have risen out of statehood and into anarchy.  One of them is even a larger state with over 20 million people in it.  Anarchists are still a minority but they are such a powerfully focused minority in the world, that no state can afford to ignore them.  The following year, (year 17) when there are 129,140,163 anarchists in the world things are beginning to seem unstoppable.  In year 18 (387,420,489), there are a dozen stateless lands and the first first-world land rises out of statism.

In year 19, we cross a milestone with over a billion people who have come to realize that the state is the enemy of freedom.  It’s true, 1,162,261,467 people is a minority but it is undeniable, anarchy is here to stay.  With that in mine, the leaders of the world’s four super powers meet in a smokey back room, in a secret location.  They have to be careful where they go now or someone might hurt them.  There they devise a plan to crush the anarchy movement for good.  They return to their states and begin to mobilize troops, and an entire army of drones.  With so many anarchists making the weapons for the state and so many anarchists “serving” them in the armed forces, things just seem to be taking longer to mobilize than they had hoped.  Before the year is up, the world’s four superpowers can only muster up a few pathetic battles.  They say they are regrouping to come up with a better strategy but by this time, there are 3,486,784,401 anarchists in the world.

Right then, at year 20, you come to me and say, “We’ve been at this 20 years, Joe and we have come a long way but we are less than half way there.  I’m happy with everything that’s happened so far but I don’t have another 20 years to give.  I really want the world to be free.  I want to see freedom for the world before I die.  What can we do to make that happen?”

“Just give it 10 months.”  8,716,961,003

Have you found two anarchists this year?



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