Agorism is the ultimate anarchistic act; it is partly black market economics—but it can encapsulate a variety of markets.

The purpose of agorism is to create anarchism or a free society through trade while disregarding government thugs. It is counter economics. For example, an agorist peddles his drugs, food, or whatever freely with fellow humans. He does not concern himself with regulations and other government oversight.

This activity is natural for agorists, because it satisfies a fundamental psychological need: the urge for freedom. Psychologist William Glasser elaborated on this need in his many books, including Choice Theory. He cited the need for love and belonging as the top need, but freedom is right behind it if not the true number one genetically encoded drive.

Therefore, governments cannot stop free trade. No single person can stifle market activity. Supply and demand exists as an economic principle regardless of government violence, and agorists will always crop up to trade according to their will. It is time to embrace our natural inclination to trade and live uninhibited, fearless of coercion.

It is time to acknowledge the truth: that government is a figment of our imagination—that there is only a bunch of people who pretend to have authority over a geographical region. Agorism is just one facet of direct action anarchists can take against the State. Why not use this peaceful weapon to undermine all authority?

Show me your wares and trades, and I will show you mine!

Agorism Trade

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