This post was written by guest-author Joe Cushing.


Theft: The taking of property that does not belong to you without the informed permission of the owner.  There are many kinds of theft.

Sneaky Theft: Burglary, shoplifting, and embezzlement are sneaky theft.  They all involve taking property when someone is not looking and hoping nobody knows who took it.

Tricky Theft: Fraud is tricky theft.  The victim is tricked into giving you something, usually in exchange for something else, but the thief does not fulfill their end of the bargain.

Violent Theft:  Violent theft involves using violence or threats of it to steal from people.  Robbery and extortion are violent theft.  The two are closely related.  With exception of overt violent robbery, the difference between the two is merely the amount of imminence in the threat.  A robber might stand there with a gun to your head saying, “give me your property or I will shoot or beat, or do other bad things to you or smash your store.”   An extortionist will say, “give me your property or at some point later than right now, someone will come and shoot you or do some other bad thing to you like torture you, put you in a cage, tase you, pepper spray you or damage your property.”  In both cases, you feel compelled to give the thug your property, usually money, for fear of life, limb, or property–or that of a loved one.

When you get a tax bill, why do you pay it?  Do you pay it out of the goodness of your heart?  Do you feel warm and happy to pay them?  What happens if you don’t pay?  You get a letter demanding larger payments right?  What if you don’t respond?  Will not men with guns show up at your door to do violence upon you?  …To rough you up, to put you in a cage, to tase you, pepper spray you?  If you resist these men with guns who are doing violence upon you; what will happen do you?  Will they not shoot you dead right there on the spot?  Will they not shoot your dogs dead right there?  Damage your property as they break into your home with a battering ram?

Can you see: Taxation is extortion, theft by threat of violence?  Taxation is the worst kind of theft.

Do you believe that taxes are doing good for society?  Do you not resist because they tell you about all of the things that your money is going to?  Does the state not waste your money and lie to you about what they are spending it on?  Don’t they go to wars on trumped up charges based on lies?  If you see the fraud and try to avoid the taxes, they will turn to violence—to extortion.

Can you see: Taxation is Fraud, theft by trickery? Taxation is the worst kind of theft.

Do you have Federal Reserve notes (dollars) in your pocket?   Do you know that every time the Federal Reserve prints a new dollar and gives it to the government, it takes some of the value of the ones in your pocket and gives it to the government? The state is taking money away from you and many people don’t even know it.  Since the state is taking the money, it’s a tax.  Also, when you pay into social security for your own retirement, the sate takes that money and spends it on what it will instead of on you.  The same goes for gas taxes that don’t get spent on roads as the promised you.  If you see the crime and try to go around it, they will turn to violence—to extortion.

Can you see: Inflation, social security, and fuel taxes are embezzlement?  Taxation is the worst kind of theft.

Taxation is so pervasive that the state uses every means they can come up with to extract as much money from the people as possible without having a revolt.  They use embezzlement, fraud, and extortion to take from us.  The biggest difference of which kind they use against you is your level of awareness and your willingness to comply.  My hope is to get enough people to be aware of the extortion, the fraud, and the embezzlement so that the state must turn the extortion card.  If you have seen the The Tiny Dot by Larken Rose on YouTube, or just thought about the statistics yourself, you will know that extorting an entire population by the ruling class is impossible.

So that’s where we need to take the people to be free. Let them see the extortion, the fraud, and the embezzlement that is taxation.  Tell the state to try using violence on all of us and see how that goes.


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