A terrible tragedy occurred on Saturday. Two people who were just minding their own business were gunned down in a heinous act of violence that has left the nation shaken and asking why. The details are still being uncovered, but what we know is that an armed man approached the victims and gunned them down in cold blood. At least one victim was shot in the head by the malicious perpetrator. It is a national tragedy.

The motives of the shooter are still unclear. But what is clear is that there is a problem on the streets of America when people are able to perform these acts of senseless violence. Today, families are grieving their loss. It is a sad day for America and for the victims: 19 year old James Hunter of Jackson Mississippi and an unnamed second victim who was admitted to the hospital with a life-threatening head wound.


Wait… you didn’t think this was going to be about those two cops killed in New York, did you? Why should they be any more important than the two guys mentioned in the opening of this article? Those two cops joined a violent gang and experienced the end that a lot of violent gang members face. Frankly, I care much less about their deaths than the apparently innocent James Hunter and his companion.

According to reports he was being closely followed by a car that appeared to be chasing him as he drove out of a gas station. That kind of threatening driving is what you’d expect from gang members bent on assaulting an innocent victim. You see it all the time on the streets. Though often those gang members have flashing lights and intimidating sirens on their gang-mobiles.

Once they caught up to Mr. Hunter, he was shot multiple times and left to die. Sounds an awful lot like the work of the NYPD, Ferguson PD, Detroit PD, Cleveland PD and numerous other branches of the PD gang around the country. Maybe someone should look closely into this case to see if Mr. Hunter’s killers weren’t in fact affiliated with the local PD gang. It wouldn’t be the first murderer among them.

With these violent gangs prowling the streets of every city in this country, committing frequent acts of brutality and murder, how is that anyone is surprised when a couple of them end up on the other end of the barrel. Sure #AllLivesMatter, but come on. Join a violent gang, die a violent gang death. This isn’t like some grand mystery of the universe. When a member of the Crips, Bloods, Zetas or MS-13 dies, everybody recognizes that just goes with the territory. But when a PD member goes down, zomg!!! It’s a national crisis!

Where is the White House statement for James Hunter? Where are the press conferences, news coverage and trending hashtags? There aren’t any of course. Because no one cares about some random guys in Mississippi getting shot and killed. But we are all supposed to care that two guys wearing blue costumes were shot and killed? Give me a break. As one of Facebook readers commented:

The psychology of that is interesting though, isn’t it? You should care more about two agents of the state than any other random two people killed that belong to any other organization anywhere? Why? Oh because thinking that way instills respect for the authority… Obedience.

And that exactly nails it. All this national mourning and outrage and hand wringing is the result, and furtherance, of state-worship programming. We should care more about two thugs who make their living enforcing the state’s monopoly than about anybody else because authority? Oh sorry, I mean we should prostrate ourselves in grief over the martyrdom of two saints of the Holy State Religion. Forgive my blasphemy.

But just to be clear about my particular blasphemy before someone misinterprets it. I’m not cheering the deaths of these two cops. I’m not condoning or encouraging violent action against agents of the state. I’m just saying that their lives don’t matter any more than anybody else. And until there is public wailing for James Hunter and every other random person that dies on the streets each day, I see no reason to care especially for the two state agents that were murdered Saturday.

Seriously? Trending higher than Lance Bass?

Finally, in the interest of hope and optimism, let’s try to look on the bright side of the incident in New York (because there is no bright side in the James Hunter case). Had the situation in New York been reversed, it is likely that the targeted victims wouldn’t be the only ones injured or dead at this time. The NYPD has a fairly poor track record of shooting innocent bystanders. See here, here, here and here. As much as we don’t condone the violence and killing, we have to acknowledge that these were pretty clean executions, free of injuries to innocent bystanders. Despite being an insane, murderous idiot, the gunman at least did this one thing right.

And for the last bright spot in this whole gloomy affair, I’ll leave you with this comment, also from one of our Facebook readers:

The fact that this is getting so much attention and outrage kinda disproves everyone saying police have such a dangerous job. We as citizens have to deal with police murdering the innocent so much that we have built a tolerance level to it as a whole, but two cops get gunned down and everyone goes crazy. It seems to me being police officer is a pretty safe job….for now.

Breathe easy police officers. Statistically speaking the odds are in your favor.

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