Written by Barney Cox

Yesterday a pretty large protest started at about 10:00 am here in Ferguson. The Brown family was a part of it, and they were guarded by several members of what I assume was The Nation of Islam. 

That’s not a good sign to me, but at the same time it doesn’t really mean very much. I don’t know that I would refuse free security myself.

The marchers moved from West Florissant to the scene of the shooting, and a few people spoke. The marchers then headed to a park where there was a stage and music and some other facilities apparently provided by the city.

The hardcore protesters continued on to the Ferguson Police Station, where they were met by at first a few and then dozens of cops who formed a line in the parking lot of the station. I am not sure why this was necessary as there really hasn’t been any violence directed at what is essentially a bunker.


The cops stood, mostly unflinching in the heat. Most didn’t respond to heckling protesters, but a couple engaged a little bit. The black cops got the worst of it, as I heard them called “uncle toms” and “house niggers.” But that wasn’t everyone’s attitude.

Several people were engaged in spirited conversation and debate. One young woman said that blacks need to “withdraw” from the system and police themselves.

If i didn’t know better I’d think I was listening to anarchists and libertarians. Socialist rhetoric sounds a lot like voluntaryist rhetoric until it has to be implemented by force.

The origins of the United States lie in those same ideas. Like-minded people gathered and formed their own states. Too bad that’s not possible anymore.

People are angrier than they were a couple weeks ago. They are frustrated. A preacher called for people to go vote and he was booed. “The SYSTEM” is the problem many people yelled. I agree.

The most emotional moment came for me after the protest left the memorial/shooting site and before we went to the police station. I went back to look for Michelle Mitchum (“Excuse me, we’ve lost our white girl, she’s very pale and probably looks confused, can you help me?) after a brief, heavy rain had scattered everyone.

I had thought all had left, but in the rain I found a large circle holding hands. I walked over to take some pictures when a young man to my left offered me his hand, and the girl to my right did as well, so I joined the circle.


A powerful woman from the group Black Lives Matter began speaking. She asked us to speak of what we’d say to Mike Brown if we could talk to him right now. She then began a call-and-response chant that went something like this:




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