Written by Phillip Corbin.

People in the US have been voting to protect their freedom for the past 226 years.  Or at least that’s the common narrative.

And how has that worked out?


In the United States we have:

  • the highest prisoner per-capita ratio on the planet where the majority of prisoners are convicted of political crimes for which they are sent to prisons that have become notorious for gang beatings and rape

  • the IRS and any law enforcement agency being able to seize people’s property without charging the owner with any crime and then forcing the owners to prove the property’s innocence under civil asset forfeiture laws

  • a military that can indefinitely detain citizens without charges or a trial and that has a legal mandate to control and kill citizens on US soil when engaging in domestic law enforcement duties

  • Lacey laws which imprison people for violating the trade laws of foreign nations while residing in the US

  • the NSA which collects everyone’s communications without warrants or any probable cause and then distributes your information to other agencies through a process called parallel reconstruction

Voting to protect freedom has failed.  After 226 years of failure and continually becoming less free it is time to realize that we will not solve the problem by engaging in the same behavior that created the problem.