Written by Jamie Redman. 

As an anarchist I don’t enjoy the monopolies of war and justice. Never have, never will. It’s something I’ve never understood. How the many can let the fear riddled by protectionism rule their lives. They let it plunder their livelihood.

All humans have some value. Many people I have no relationship with or don’t know personally at all have value. We all do. I wish no violence or death on anyone. All human life matters. When officers are shot I do not sing praise. This is usually obfuscated by State supporters nearly all the time. All I want is the occupations that are undoubtedly monopolized to end. Cease their operations and bring in market competition and technology.

It’s the job I wish to end. The job itself is what I want to cease. Not the person behind the job. I wish for the person to find peace and leave this monopoly of violence. New technologies can replace the cogs of destruction with alternative methods of peace and prosperity.


The current state of indoctrination is stronger than ever. You cannot speak about these subjects publicly without being looked at like an outcast. Speaking publicly on the subject can lead to violence as people get emotional. They think that you’re talking about their grandparents and directly about them. You know the “good generation“. Yet you are not. You speak of the atrocities of war and the people are behind it. Real lives.

People are behind these jobs and uniforms. They are our brothers, sisters, fathers and mothers. For this is why it’s extremely difficult to face this debate head on. We shout it out on radio and news publications. We battle on online debates via social media. Yet in public we shy from the talk in fear of violence and persecution.

We need to start being louder and more vocal. Tell people publicly the state of monopolization on these services is corrupt. Not only is it slaughtering many abroad. It’s killing the minds of those at home, coming home from these hellish demands. This is insanity and every year we do what the ancients would do. The Aztecs and ancient tribes who worshipped death. Every year we worship this madness and give it more life. When is the insanity going stop?

I and many other promote technology and Bitcoin as means to make jobs easier and efficient. Decentralized applications like Bitcoin and it’s transparent ledger. Many technologies are birthed to ease our human workload. These same tools can be applied to the monopolies of justice and war.


By using alternative currencies and taking the money away from war you are defunding the Beast. The name of the game is you can never vote with your dollar. You can take that dollar and destroy its meaning. A promissory note which bolsters War and much debt. Stop using it and you will find that they will not have the means to find these operations.

The Blockchain is a transparent ledger. Many ideas have come about whereas it can be used in Justice sector. Justice and Law can be seen on the ledger openly if we applied it to the blockchain. Companies like Factom are proving this to be possible. Factom is a scalable data layer for the blockchain. It can be used as a great weapon of transparency. Who watches the Watchmen? Well we do of course!



“When I realized that Bitcoin has the potential that to become the currency used all around the world, and would have the ability to basically undermine every government on the entire planet’s ability to wage war, I knew I had to get involved and start promoting Bitcoin full-time.”~ Roger Ver 

The justice monopoly  could be countered with the creation of Dispute Resolution Organizations or DROs. We could start creating and using these methods now. With the blockchain as a transparent tool consumers can follow these organizations. They can rate them and use their services by means of reputation. The problem I have with the monopoly of justice is even though they have a corrupt reputation I cannot rate them. I cannot see the inner workings of their system. I cannot complain enough to end the groups operating in this sector. They own the sector. The courts own and operate the rule of law and it’s street workers. Intentional revenue collection is not unheard of these days. This is why the court houses are the shiniest and best built buildings in the towns. They rule the roost. We could stop using their services. From collecting resolutions from someone to making agreements we can stop using their services. We can Vacate the State.

New technology services and disruptors are arising that could hamper the two powerful monopolies of War and Justice. Today I’m choosing not to praise death and destruction. Not to worship it like the ancients back in Mesopotamia. No. I will help create and promote technologies that stop War indefinitely. I will not participate in the negative energies surrounding the death of millions and the monopolies of violence behind them. I care about the humans behind these jobs but I want ‘consensus’ to decide on its importance. Distributed Consensus can provide better means of communication. Give a superior form of Justice to the people if we let it. We have the counter-economic tools.

War Is Over If You Want It.