Written by Barney Cox.

I am reading a memoir of a guy who lived in NYC in the during WWII. Single cigarettes or “loosies” were two cents each or two for three cents. Pretzels were the same price.

So-called “small government conservatives” scream about regulations on big business, but that’s not the problem. The problem is all of the little regulations that keep free people from doing what free people do, whether it’s legal or not.


One day (probably in the 1980s) someone said “If you sell loose cigarettes maybe CHILDREN will buy them! They must be sold only by licensed establishments in packs!”
So they outlawed the practice. Business owners went along because they were happy to have less competition.

The politicians had scored a win. Like most of these idiotic ideas, the costs are never seen, just the (usually very modest) benefits. The children are safe from loose cigarettes! Yay!

But, of course, children still can buy cigarettes. And the cops are happy to be there to have another reason to arrest otherwise peaceful people.

The murder of Eric Garner by Daniel Pantaleo was captured on video.
The murder of Eric Garner by Daniel Pantaleo was captured on video and yet the agent of the State was cleared by the Staten Island grand jury.

And Eric Garner is not unseen. His death is the consequence of puritanical busybodies who think they know how to run YOUR life better than you do. It’s the same thinking that created and sustains the devastatingly wasteful war on drugs.

Just as Aiyana Jones’ death is a consequence of the drug war. Her and thousands and thousands of others. And millions of lives ruined.


The next time you hear someone say “I favor legalizing weed, but not HARD drugs…”, think about the thousands dead bodies that will pile up over the next few decades while people wake up to the fact that the cure is worse than the disease.

All those people will die, like Eric Garner and Aiyana Jones, because a group of people decided they knew best how to run your life.

And you went along with it.


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