Extracted from Alchemy of the Timeless Renaissance by John G. Vibes

[Editor’s Note: Although this is the last chapter in John’s book, I felt that the message was both appropriate and inspiring as I reflected on this past year and looking forward to 2015. Thank you to John, our other writers and contributors, and especially to our readers for your continued support. Much Love from the Admin team at The Art of Not Being Governed.]

At the time I am writing this it has already began.

The things that I have discussed in this book are now becoming widely understood around the world and the common people who represent the overwhelming majority of this earth are beginning to see how we have been exploited and manipulated for many generations. With the explosion of the internet, independent media websites have developed and are working to inform people about the reality of what’s taking place in the world.

Average people are taking advantage of social networking websites and using them as a political platform and a means to connect with likeminded people. In past generations, the ruling class was able to advance their agenda without the knowledge of the public because they had a stranglehold on which information was publicly available. Now with the internet, average people who are not controlled by the aristocracy are able to become the media themselves and bring uncorrupted information to the rest of the population.


As the truth begins to reach the masses, a new subculture of revolutionaries is being born and a whole generation is coming together in a way that has never been seen before. People who once saw one another as enemies are now realizing that they are facing the same struggles, that they are being exploited by their so called “leaders”, just as a slave is exploited by their so called master. Christians, Mystics, Muslims and Jews are finally united in a universal fight against tyranny, poverty and oppression. The rich, the comfortable and the poor are all realizing that they are on the same side in a great “class war” that has been raging for centuries. This class war is really between the people who print the currency and the people who use the currency, not the “rich and the poor“.

People of all financial and ethical backgrounds are realizing that they are all the same in the eyes of the ruling class. Soldiers are putting down their guns to join the protest lines, police are speaking out against the immoral war on drugs and scientists who have towed the party line for ages are finally starting to question the government approved, established version of reality. For generations, “the powers that shouldn’t be” have taken advantage of our petty differences in order to divide and control us, but that time is over. People of different political affiliations are also beginning to learn that the people who they elect don’t represent them. All of the wonderfully different people on this earth are realizing that they are on the same side, and that living together in peace isn’t only possible, but it is absolutely necessary for our species’ advancement on this planet.

Once the people become united and realize the immense power that they have over their freeloading “rulers” they become unstoppable. The practice of massive militant nonviolence is by far the safest and most effective method of removing corrupt regimes from power. When used correctly it works every time, without fail. This is among the biggest kept secrets in the world. What is most important though, is how the aftermath of the revolution is handled. It is incredibly easy for an informed, organized and morally conscious public to overthrow a corrupt regime, but the complicated part is preventing a power vacuum from developing for a new tyrant to fill.

We are watching a new era of revolution take place, where powerful tools like the internet are bringing people together, making their causes stronger and allowing them a place to record and express their struggle. The freedom of expression that exists on the internet makes it much more difficult for the ruling class circles and governments to control the flow of information that the public has access to. This is an advantage that our predecessors did not have. If a rebellion happened in one part of the world before modern methods of communication were developed, it was very easy for that movement to be disrupted without any other communities finding out about it.

Now with the internet, activist movements spread out all over the world can join together and be just as informed and tight knit as the establishment that they are fighting against. The fact that the internet is shut off by the government in times of rebellion proves to us that this is indeed a very strong tool in the fight for freedom.

The internet is simply a tool, but the primary strength that ensures victory for the people’s revolution is the incredible majority advantage that we have within the population. This is an unstoppable force because once the people understand that they are being exploited, it is only a matter of time before they refuse to partake in their own enslavement.


When revolution day arrives we must be clear in our intentions and not let our grievances be marginalized by vague terms like “equality” or “democracy”. We need to have strong faith in our message and our cause, but not put too much trust into one specific “opposition leader”. We must be very specific about the changes which are to be made and the future that we wish to build or else we run the risk of being led astray by a new tyrant and thrown back into another oppressive situation.

A revolution would threaten all of the wealth and power that the tyrants and aristocrats have been pillaging and hording over the generations, so they will without a doubt use every trick in the book to maintain their control over the population. These tricks include using controlled oppositions to make it look like someone new is taking over when in reality the new boss is taking orders from the same people and is often times just as bad as the old boss. As I discussed at length in “tricks of the trade” the elite has used many of the same techniques throughout history to maintain their power. To disable and counteract these kinds of sneaky tricks we must make fundamental changes to our political and economic systems. These changes will work to correct the injustice and violence that is threatening the existence of our species.

We can have a social system without having hierarchies, taxes, armies, politicians and prisons. We can also have an economy without poverty, exploitation, greed and insecurity. These things are possible, we just need to start making changes with how our societies are structured and how we do business. The steps that need to be taken are easy, simple and obvious, but will result in a transfer of power and wealth from the aristocracy to the masses, so my ideas are far from orthodox and won’t be well received by those in power. The tyrants that have caused this mess will insist that the sky will fall without them there to hold it up, but these are obviously lies. This is the same way they have conned us into wars and huge corporate bailouts, using threats and fear. The politicians, the ruling class and the military industrial complex have brought us nothing but more problems which were dressed up as solutions. This is because real, honest solutions would leave them powerless and on even ground with the rest of us. The time has come for new solutions to stand in opposition of the status quo, the human suffering and environmental destruction that has taken place as a result of politics and savage military force is inexcusable and will not be sustainable for much longer.

The aristocracy that has kept us and our ancestors imprisoned under debt and propaganda is starting to lose their grip on the human consciousness. Their whole game is supported by us, the very people that they are viciously oppressing and we are finally starting to see through it. We need to stop working for them and start working for each other, and that message is spreading all over the world as average people are taking the revolution into their own hands. People are using their creative time and energy to develop solutions for the problems being faced by the working class. The only way to solve these problems is by creating our own solutions that will actually empower us, instead of just accepting the solutions that the ruling class offers. Any policy that the ruling class wishes to put in place is only to suit them and further exploit the Average people, so we cannot depend on them for any kind of assistance whatsoever.

When the Declaration of Independence was first signed in 1776 it only protected the white property owners who made up the colonial elite. There was no mention of the freedoms guaranteed to American citizens in the original constitution. It wasn’t until oppressed colonial citizens took to the streets in protest and formed armed militias that the politicians of the time actually drafted the bill of rights in 1787. The bill of rights is the document that has officially recognized our natural born freedom of religion, the right to bear arms and the rights of the press, among others. Although many of the so-called “founding fathers” where the elite of their time and didn’t have much sympathy for the working class, some of them did understand the importance of rebellion in a free society.

Despite being a slave owning aristocrat, Thomas Jefferson was one of those people, in response to one of the antiestablishment riots in early America he said “I hold it that a little rebellion now and then is a good thing, it is a medicine necessary for the sound health of government. God forbid that we should ever be twenty years without such a rebellion”.

I’m not condoning violent action in response to our current oppression, I’m just saying that it’s within our rights as members of a free society to DISOBEY the established order to maintain and advance our level of freedom. It is in fact the only way that any progress has been made for freedom in America or anywhere else. Without protest and rebellion white males would be the only people that had any rights at all. Luckily for us this isn’t the case, America has a long history of brave intelligent people who led peaceful antiestablishment rebellions. This is why America has flourished so much in its short history, because of the average citizen’s insistence on freedom and equal rights.


The ruling class would have never handed those rights over if the public had not demanded them in protest. Currently their greatest power over the rest of the human population is the idea that we no longer have to fight for our rights and our freedoms.
When I began writing this book many years ago, the topics discussed herein were very underground and you had to look pretty hard for research. Likewise, it was rare to come across other people who understood what was going on. Now you can find these topics in the mainstream news every day, in the lyrics of chart topping songs, in the themes of blockbuster films and documented on websites all over the internet. The revolution of the mind that I discussed in the beginning of this book has already begun to take form, and a more peaceful and empowering attitude is seeping into the mainstream culture.

Sure, things may seem bleak if you’re approaching this information for the first time, but if anything, this knowledge should give you hope that a better world is possible and that human nature is not rooted in violence. We must not get discouraged by minor setbacks, and we cannot expect the world to be saved overnight. We are facing an enemy with multi-generational goals, so in order to keep up we must think just as long term.

We can win this, and the fact that your reading this right now, shows that we are already #winning.

“They will not force us, and they will stop degrading us, and they will not control us! We will be victorious! So come on! Interchanging mind control, come let the Revolution take its toll……If you could flick a switch and open your third eye, you’d see that we should never be afraid to die, so come on!” – Muse (Psychedelic Rock Band)


John Vibes is an author, researcher and investigative journalist who takes a special interest in the counter culture and the drug war. In addition to his writing and activist work he is also the owner of a successful music promotion company. In 2013, he became one of the organizers of the Free Your Mind Conference, which features top caliber speakers and whistle-blowers from all over the world. You can contact him and stay connected to his work at his Facebook page. You can find his 65 chapter Book entitled Alchemy of the Timeless Renaissance at bookpatch.com.

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